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Getting Started for Kiosk App

What is Kiosk Mode?
Kiosk Mode in general terms refers to the mode used to run an application on full screen without any other UI. Kiosk Mode is set up on a screen with the intent of preventing the users from running any other program on the browser or the screen. This ensures the security and maintains privacy.
What is an Kiosk App?
Kiosk Apps are designed to run on full screen and does not allow the user to exit the app or download any other app on the browser or OS. The Kiosk app provides secure browsing and avoids misuse of the Screen or System. A Kiosk app can be used for feedback, point of sale system, wayfinder, ticketing, self service etc.
How does Virtubox help?
The VirtuKiosk is a software that provides you with Kiosk app. The platform does not require coding and one can create their own kiosk app
What are the requirements?
The first requirement for getting a Kiosk app made is to select the format of the kiosk. Whether you want the Kiosk to be in Horizontal format or Vertical format. After selcting the orientation of the Kiosk the user needs to add Pages and Categories, add banners and logos, fix the size, height and other settings of the Kiosk. Once everything is added on the platform the Kisok has to be set up and it will run.
How it works
VirtuBox provides a seamless platform where a user can create an app to fulfill their purpose. The user needs to download VirtuKiosk tool on their android box/ Device. You can set up the kiosk app and view it on any screen. Once the Kiosk is set up, you can view the Kiosk app running on the screen.

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