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What is an App?
A mobile application is commonly referred to as a Mobile App. A mobile app is a computer program or a software program that runs on a mobile device, tablet, Kiosk or a smartwatch. A mobile app is useful to display information, assistance, tracking, self-ordering, games, etc. There are millions of mobile apps in the Play Store and App Store. Apps are cost-effective, nimble, and convenient to use, which add to their desirability.
How does Virtubox help?
VirtuBox provides an easy and viable platform to enterprises where they can build their own apps. It’s an affordable, efficient and handy solution. Any person can create an app for their company and start sharing. It is an intuitive platform that provides features like navigation, enquiry, and feedback make it applicable for any kind of enterprise, malls, colleges, hospitals, exhibitions, etc. The best part of VirtuBox is the system provides an app, kiosk, and website and it is on cross-platform.
What are the requirements?
As long as the objective and needs of the user are fulfilled the system supports all kinds of users. The user needs categories and products with images and information to make an App. Once this requirement is fulfilled it is very easy to create an app that is ready to use.
How it works
VirtuBox provides a seamless platform where a user can create an app to fulfill their purpose. As an account administrator, you need to follow these simple steps and a basic app version can be created and function.

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