No-Code Cross-Platform Apps for Business

In the world of business, the growth and reachability are defined by to which extent the business has embraced digital technology. It is of utmost importance for any business to have a white-label mobile app for the growth, branding, and reachability to give you an edge against your competitors. VirtuApp mobile app maker is has been designed to allow the user to create and deploy their app on the go and connect with their clients.VirtuApp provides a platform that lets the user create their app without programming. It is still easier to manage and update the app. You can add as many pages as you want. In the era of continuous innovation, the need to evolve and match the pace of the everchanging technology is of the utmost importance to stay relevant.
With VirtuApp mobile app businesses can yield Profits by increasing the visibility of the brand. The app builder is available on the SaaS model. A mobile app assists businesses in streamlining operations, reducing human errors, boosting offline sales, and even getting customer insights.
A Mobile app is a very powerful and effective tool for any company that wields it. The business and consumers can be benefited from a mobile app.

Cross Platform App Maker

VirtuApp: Benefits of Mobile App software

Digital Catalog

Digital catalog

VirtuApp is an eco-friendly alternative to expensive printed brochures/catalogs/directory, etc. So, go green, reduce print publishing, and save paper! It gives out all the information, directions, and product offerings to all the stakeholders.


Due to its SaaS model i.e. paying in simple subscription – you can avoid heavy upfront costs & scale your deployment as your business grows. Funds allocated for printing physical/analog catalogs or even spent on developing a mobile app can be saved and used in product development or in the building of the business.
Data Analytics through App

Big data analytics

The analytics gives you a clear view of all the essential metrics you need for measuring and tracking performance so that you can keep it in control and turn it into intelligence. This you can use to gain customer insights and behavior. Each tap and the product viewed, the time spent on each page can be analyzed and, the data can be used to predict consumer behavior and therefore helps in enhancing customer experience.
Speed And Efficiency

Speed and Efficiency

Your stakeholders/customers rely upon an app to complete a task quickly and efficiently. With the VirtuApp app, you can reach all the stakeholders in minutes, provide the information, and also help in navigating.
Branding And Recognition

Branding and Recognition

VirtuBox has features that your customers will love. It can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. Often customers involved with your app, the sooner they will be inclined to use your product and/or service. Mobile apps at the SME and Mid Market level companies are still rare, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors. This will help in solidifying the position of your business in the market and bringing your brand recognition.
Improve Customer Engagement

Improve Customer Engagement

By digitalizing with VirtuApp, your company actually provides an interface for two way communication with your customers. It will increase customer engagement with your brand and hence the customer loyalty as well. By making a sincere connection with your customers, you are opening a way of staying closer to your customers which cultivate Customer Loyalty for repeat use.
Rejuvenate Your Sales

Rejuvenate Your Sales

By going digital with VirtuApp will help you redefine your sales practices. With more customer reach and better analytics, you can rejuvenate your sales. You can build your strategy to cater to the customers better and gain more profits and happy customers mean more business.
Create A Direct Marketing Channel

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Stop worrying about spam emails and low open rates. The information you’d like to provide to your customers is right at their fingertips. Through push notifications, you can easily remind customers about any important business messages, sales offers, promotions, etc.
Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Every license of VirtuApp allows unlimited users, it is that simple. One app and you can have multiple users and anyone can download the app and access it from anywhere. This means more visibility and more business.
Social Media

Social Media

Allow your audience to drive more traffic to your content by enabling your stakeholders to share the app link or any other information of your app through their social network platforms, Email, SMS, etc. with our share feature. You can link any YouTube video to designated sections within the app and/or upload any HD video so that app users can download the video for offline viewing within the app.

VirtuApp: Features (USPs) of Mobile App software

Fastest Time To Deploy

Fastest time to deploy

Get your White Label App developed and running within a week. VirtuApp has a platform already in place that just requires you to add information and other details that you want to showcase. You need to sign up with VirtuBox and add information and your app is running in no time.
Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Create a repository on ultra-fast Cloud server which allows broadcasting your content on all platforms ensuring hyperspeed delivery to your audience’s device. The Cloud-based system used follows industry standards and keeps your data secure.
No Coding Required;

No Coding Required

Even a person with Facebook usage skills can fully manage the Mobile App. This will allow your team to collaborate by authorizing them to submit content directly into a live application.


Create apps for any iPad, iPhone, and Android supported devices. Our ingenious cross-platform app builder builds a native app that gives you the ability to create apps on iOS and Android.


VirtuApp gives you the ability to add or delete any content on the go, view order, reply to an inquiry, send messages, view detailed user analytics, and many more. You can add, edit, and delete any content using our editor. With VirtuApp you can edit any information, add or delete images, videos in a live app. The information edited will be immediately reflected on the app. You can change any content anytime, anywhere through your mobile or laptop.


Our core app engine constantly checks for an update and instantly adds it to your app; ensuring that your audience always views the latest content. This keeps the user updated with the latest information and updates.
Work Offline

Work Offline

Users can access all the indexed information without the internet on their phones. Thus, application performance, and hence the customer experience will never be dependent on the customer’s network provider performance.


Gain deeper access to your markets by deploying a multilingual app through a single platform.
Smart Search Engine

Smart Search Engine

Search any information using a relevant keyword such as product info, specification, dimensions, value, etc. If searched keywords exist anywhere in your core app, then it will be displayed as a result to the customer.

VirtuApp: Which Apps that can be created with VirtuApp

Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality App

“To view an object/product/person through a different lens augmented reality comes in handy. ”


Church App

“A church app can be used to impart knowledge and make bookings for ceremonies. The app can be useful took for congregations ”

Data Collection Apps

Data Collection App

“Data collection through forms for feedback and survey can be used for analytics. ”

Digital Directory App

Digital Directory App

“A digital directory app can be built for business. All the products and services can be displayed like a catalog. ”

E-commerce App

E-commerce App

“Every business owner can now have their own app without having to pay commission or payment to the platform. ”


Event App

“An event organiser can provide all the informatiorganizering their services and user can book their services through the app ”

Mobile App For An Exhibition

Exhibition App

“Large exhibitions find mobile apps very useful as it helps in navigation and feedback. It can also be used to send a quick notification. ”


Fitness App

“Through the app one can share fitness-related tips, diet, etc. share videos of workout and fitness regime. ”


Furniture Store App

“All the wares at the furniture store can be shown in a furniture app. A user can select a piece of furniture and buy them as well ”

Magazine/News App

Magazine/News App

“An app to display news, reviews, and articles. A handy app to update and inform readers on the go. ”


Mosque App

“Create an app and share the latest information with your worshippers, holy quotations and teachings of the Quran. ”


Museum App

“An app for the museum is like an archive. All the information regarding all the artifacts, displays, etc can be shared with an app. ”


Product Catalog App

“A catalog to showcase all the products. ”


Publication App

“All the books, magazines, and newsletters under a publication house can be shown in the app. One can even make a purchase through the app ”


Real-estate App

“For big real estate projects, a mobile app can be very advantageous to impart information, project details, quotations and layout of the project. ”


Recipe App

“Make an app and share the ingredients and process of cooking. You can share the videos as well. ”


Restaurant App

“Through a mobile app, a restaurant-goer can conveniently place orders, make payments and also book a table. One can browse through the menu. ”

Sales Representative App

Sales Representative App

“Any sales representative who has your app view the latest products and inventory. They can book the products through the app. ”


Salon App

“Salon app displays all the services provided by the salon. One can book appointments for services and select an expert as well. ”

Shopping Malls App

Shopping Malls App

“A mobile app to facilitate navigation in malls and that provide the latest information and discount offred in various stores. ”


Temple App

“To book pooja, buy holy articles from the store, and perform puja online. Temple app can be used to impart the Vedic knowledge ”

Training App

Training App

“Provide training related material and videos to the user through the app. It is easily shareable. ”


Travel Package App

“With a booking app and local directory, anyone can download it and makes bookings and get information regarding the ”

Virtual Reality App

Virtual Reality App

“The virtual reality app helps you to view a place from afar. This comes in handy when the user is unable to be present physically. ”

Wayfinding Or In-store Navigation Apps

Wayfinding or In-store Navigation App

“Wayfinder app can be used for indoor positioning systems. In large premises, these apps come in handy and don’t use 3rd party API ”


Wedding App

“A wedding app to book caterer, decorations, salon, designer, henna artist, etc. ”

How to Create an App in 3 steps?

With VirtuApp App builder it is easy to create an App in 3 simple steps

Choose or select the App Template

Pick a Template

Select a business template to start with pre-loaded app that has all the features and tabs you will need.

Add or Edit Content in App Template

Add Content and edit

With VirtuApp you can add and edit any content to the App with ease.

Publish App


Our app maker makes it super simple to make your app live, with just a few clicks.

FAQs related to App Builder

What are App builders?

An App builder is a tool that is available online that assists the user in creating a mobile app without undergoing the process of mobile app development, thus saving efforts and time. The mobile app development process takes up a lot of time and investment. It also requires trained engineers to create the app. The whole process of creating an app from the ideation stage, to architecture, coding, testing, and publishing is reduced to a few simple steps. The mobile app development process is a time consuming and tedious task. An App builder comes with a predesigned platform where the user just needs to add content and publish. Anyone can create their app with very little investment and no coding knowledge required.

Why are App builders more economical?

In business ‘time is money’. Since the app builders reduce the development cost, they provide you with a lot of time to put in your efforts on boosting your business. Mobile app development may cost $4000. Whereas an app built on an app builder may cost from $400-$1000 which is way more economical than a generic mobile app development process. It is not just about creating an app. You need maintenance and other backend services, which these app builders provide at very economical prices. Using the VirtuApp app creator is economical and pocket friendly.

What is the duration of making an app?

Building an app is a tedious painstaking process. A simple app that doesn’t have too many pages and not heavy takes on average 3-4 weeks to build whereas a complex app may take up to 15-20 weeks to build or maybe more than that. In determining the time taken to build an app first we need to understand our business goal, needs of the target audience and also assess if there are any other similar apps in the market. It helps us in having a clarity on how our app should be different or what added value can we provide so that the target group chooses our app. The functionality and features are the next aspects that need to be worked on. The more the number of features and functionalities the more complex it gets and the time it takes to build the app increases considerably. One also needs to decide on the design of the App and the story that we want to convey to the target group. The most crucial part is the back end support for the app. A team of developers, designers, and testers has to work in sync for weeks together to build an app.

Where can we find App builder?

There are several App builder platforms available online. These platforms are trouble-free and do not require the knowledge of programming languages. Any person with basic computer skills can build an app using these online tools.

Which platform should I choose iOS or Android?

There are more than 1.5 billion smartphone users across the globe, predominantly using Android or iOS operating systems. The mobile phone market has never been more flourishing or worth your money. To make an app first you need to figure out the target audience. It is advisable to launch an app on both the platforms but the cost, as well as the stakes involved, are high. Another important factor that contributes significantly to the decision is the time, effort, and manpower that goes into making the app on both the platforms. The ultimate goal of any business organization is to be a hit with the target audience and make profits. With the VirtuApp app maker, all the predicaments are resolved. It not only provides you a predefined platform that doesn’t require coding but also, a framework that is useful in making apps for both iOS and Android platforms effortlessly. The time taken and effort required is very less. The unique feature of VirtuApp is that the robust framework allows you to edit and add content to a live app. So if you are in a quandary of which OS to choose VirtuBox app builder is the answer.

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