View the World with VR effects

Virtual reality is a mode where we use computer-generated simulations of a 3D image or environment and let users interact in a physical or seemingly real way. Users need to use special electronic equipment Oculus or we can enable it in the form of a mobile app or touch screen kiosk.

VirtuBox provides a module that can be fitted with their core mobile app builder or Kiosk software builder to quickly configure Virtual reality simulation within your branded mobile app or touch screen kiosk. VirtuVR redefines the future of business by adding a VR solution for the user to view the whole setup, product, or space while they are browsing the catalog. Our Virtual reality module on a mobile app or large format kiosks allow the users a multidimensional view of the product & allows potential customers to visualize and experience the products before buying it. Moreover, it enhances the shopping experience and customer support with a 3D realistic experience in real-time, simulation and visualization for individual customers.

VR for your Physical Space

Industry solution for Virtual Exhibitions:

  • User walk through exhibition space on their Oculus device or mobile app
  • View any of the exhibitor stores/stalls virtually.
  • View their product information virtually
  • Connect or talk to Exhibitor in real-time

Industry solution for Retail or Virtual Showroom:

  • Educate the customer about products
  • Showcasing products virtually while it is not in store.
  • Take your showroom wherever you want.

Industry solution for hospitals:

  • Provide training for Nurses or healthcare professionals.
  • Showcase hospital infrastructure virtually
  • Consultation with Doctors or health professionals.

Industry Solution for public places (Museum, Monuments, Religious places, etc):

  • Showcase virtual tour of the place
  • Educate about history by virtually creating a story of the real use of a product

Industry Solution for Household Electronics products:

  • It offers users to visualize 3D or 360o view of the product.
  • Provide virtual training for the initial setup, installation, or maintenance of the product.

Industry Solution for University:

  • Virtual tour to campus, various departments facility, etc
  • Educating students about any facility, equipment, etc.

There are similar use cases of Virtual reality in shopping malls, corporate offices, hotels, tourism, etc.

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