Interactive Menus and Self Ordering Kiosk in the Food Courts

Food courts are the modern age joints where people prefer to have food on the go. For customers who want to grab and go and do not wish to stand in the long queues or wait for their booking at a restaurant, this is the best option.

Salient Features:

Display information

Self Ticketing and Ordering

Feedback and Customer Support

Call to action

Lost and found

Local Experts Directory

Ads and promotion

A food court is an indoor plaza or common area within shopping malls and business parks that have counters of multiple food vendors and provides a common area for self-service. It is not limited to shopping malls but also coming up at airports, train stations and even universities where they complement the traditional cafeteria. Food courts consist of a number of vendors of food stalls or service counters. Meals are ordered at one of the vendors’ and then carried to a common dining area. The food may also be ordered as takeout for consumption at another location, such as at home, or workplace.

The arrival of different malls, business parks, and plazas have put the consumer in a quandary as he is simply confused as to where to go. Businesses are trying harder to grab the marketplace. Foodcourts are going to be the main source of revenue for the malls in the coming years as consumers freely spend on food. Foodcourts play a significant role in the distinction of a mall as they are maximum crowd pullers. So if you want your mall to be the destination of big brands then you have to work on foodcourt services as big brands invest where there is maximum footfall. This is where VirtuBox comes in as it is a reliable digital solutions provider in the market which could provide a distinct competitive advantage to your brand. Some points worth consideration are:

Self-Ordering-App Food Court App

How can we help?

Display information

With the increase in consciousness regarding the food we intake, it is only smart to put up all the information regarding the food being served. All the ingredients and the calorie intake can be displayed through a mobile app or through a touch screen Kiosk.


Point of Sale is a concept that is gaining popularity amongst the urban crowd. POS integration will help the food courts to optimize more than order processing and delivery. They can also help streamline inventory, labor, and analytics.

Self Ticketing and Ordering

Self ticketing and order helps in getting rid of standing in long queues at the food courts. The User can select the food from the menu and make the payment through Kiosk. It will confirm the order and generate a ticket. It is especially beneficial as most of the food court visitors are in a hurry and prefer food to grab and go.

Feedback and Customer Support

Any query related to the menu, food outlet, or service can be resolved through the Kiosk. A customer support facility can be provided to the customers. Visitors tend to engage with a platform for exploration and to use various services/information over there. Therefore, this is also a great way to incorporate customer surveys and get real public feedback about the facility and identify needs as compared to standalone feedback kiosks. Having satisfied customers is arguably the best ROI you could ask for.

CTA button ( call to action)

For an old aged visitor, it is always difficult to navigate and look for help or in case of an emergency when we need help. With the CTA button in the Digital Experience Platform, the user may inform and call help at the platform location. We can even call for medical assistance using this button. Similar to Porter's CTA button, we may implement a CTA button for Wheelchair/Stretchers for visitors in need.

Security warnings

Security is the top priority for Food Court management. One way to improve security at a Food Court is to enhance every means of mass communication to visitors to aid in urgent situations, and the Digital Experience Platform is a very effective tool for doing just that.

Lost and Found

To report lost or found the user can type into the platform what is missing or found and it will let you know (depending on interface) what steps to take in order to promptly retrieve/submit it. This system is a huge benefit for the visitors and can be a lifesaver depending upon the value and necessity of the misplaced item.

Local Experts Directory

A small directory for connectivity with the local experts i.e. tour guides, travel agencies, Cab Service Providers, etc. for ease of traveling will be very useful for the visitors. Also regarding local cuisine and what is the specialty of the food stalls at food courts can be easily displayed.

Ads and promotion

The average person is using touchscreen technology more and more each year, and we are trained as a society to pay attention to something when presented on a screen. As a result, Digital Experience Platforms are an ideal vehicle for advertisers to effectively get a message out to the public and generate revenue as tourists tend to engage with a platform for exploration and to use various services/information over there.

We can use the platform for the following ways for advertisement and promotions:

  • For listing all the stores present inside the premise, their information, and navigation to that store
  • For ongoing offers and promotions
  • Personalized Ad and services based on demographics by attaching a small camera

We can implement the ads in the form of smaller ads or reminders that accompany other select content or as large visual splash screens and screen savers in the form of images or videos when it is not being used.

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