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Exteria is our outdoor digital kiosk that combines state-of-the-art technology with superior design and software innovation. Exteria is a multi-purpose, touch-screen outdoor interactive kiosk that is perfect for your business. From information sharing to running banner advertisements, our outdoor touch kiosk ensures that you make the best utilization of your kiosk space to maximize your profits and streamline your operations. With a host of flexible features, bright LED screen added security measures, our weather-resistant outdoor kiosks are tailor-made to give your business the maximum visibility. All our touch screen kiosks are Android-enabled devices updated with the latest technology. Customers have the full freedom to customize our outdoor information kiosks as per their needs and requirements. Choose Exteria and be a part of this innovative digital technology.

What is an outdoor kiosk?

An outdoor kiosk is a digital signage machine placed outside your operational retail space or your organization’s building, which can be used for a variety of business purposes: from giving information to booking appointments, from displaying the operational hours to ticket sales. While both indoor and outdoor kiosks have their own sets of utilities, digital outdoor information kiosks certainly bring more to the table in terms of visibility and ease of access. They can function as digital signage as well as an interactive booth. They have a vandal and weather-resistant construction.

Exteria: Benefits of outdoor kiosks

Outdoor kiosks give you the benefit of maximizing your business efforts. Apart from digital signage, they also give you the chance to operate even outside business hours. Retail stores can work only for specific hours of the day. But what about those customers who walk by your store outside the business hours? Further, for organizations, working with a limited number of employees, handling a rush of customers can be quite a challenge. Kiosks are perfect for all these business challenges. From handling customers to taking orders, from maximizing your operational hours to streamlining the business process, the benefits of kiosks are endless. Additionally, these kiosks which can be placed outside malls or in outdoor theme parks can run banner ads, thereby enabling you to earn revenue by selling advertisement slots.

Exteria: Features of outdoor kiosks

Durable: Since an outdoor kiosk is meant for use outside in the open, the kiosk must be weather-proof. All our outdoor kiosks are made from high-quality durable material with a rust-free finish that ensures that they can withstand the harsh climate outside and feature weather-resistant outdoor touch screens. Our kiosks can endure rain, wind, snow, or extreme heat.

Digital signage: Our digital signage outdoor kiosks ensure that the display is bright and state-of-the-art so that the kiosk is visible from a distance.

Interactive: The outdoor interactive kiosks developed by us offer weather-resistant outdoor touch screens with bright LED displays for maximum visibility.

24x7 use: Our kiosks are designed for 24x7 unattended outdoor use by your clients. Customers are able to interact with the kiosks whenever it’s most convenient for them, and organizations don’t have to worry about losing out on potential customers when they’re closed. We offer the backend software support to ensure 24x7 usage of the kiosk without any downtime.

Safety and Security: Safety is supreme for outdoor kiosks. Since such structures are largely meant for outdoor public places and are left unattended, you want to make sure your hardware and data are protected. Our kiosks ensure the maximum safety coverage so that you can have peace of mind. Outdoor kiosks can be customized to include safety glass, stiffeners, extra weld points and compression locks to withstand any unwelcome vandalism or tampering.

Flexible: Finally, our kiosks come with a host of flexible features and can be custom-made as per the requirements of your business.

Exteria: Applications of outdoor kiosks

Our outdoor kiosk can be implemented in different industries and sectors according to different uses or applications:

Digital signage: Outdoor kiosks are the best stand-alone digital signage solutions. Better than neon signs and billboards, these kiosks, when placed outside retail stores can attract a far greater number of customers.

Information: Information sharing and wayfinding is another area of usage. Small enterprises and businesses do not need to employ people to maintain a separate counter for information sharing. Customers can help themselves at these kiosks and get the desired information they need. Such kiosks can be placed in college campuses or any educational institution, public transport hubs, airports, outdoor theme parks, museums, etc. For example, students can find their way to classes with the help of our campus wayfinding kiosk.

Point-of-sale: Apart from information dissemination, our outdoor kiosks can also double up as point-of-sale counters. Customers who do not want to stand in a queue can simply buy their tickets through these self-service ticketing kiosks. These are really useful in big music concerts as well as outdoor theme parks and water parks.

Business hours: kiosks increase your ability to do more business by stretching the business hours. Customers can make appointments and bookings and buy tickets when you are not operating. These can be placed outside movie halls, theatre, or even national monuments and tourist spots which have fixed opening and closing hours.

Delegate check-in: Exhibitions and conventions are other examples of where our outdoor kiosks come in handy. These outdoor kiosks take on the task of checking-in delegates of an exhibition or congress. In big events, multiple kiosks are placed outside to give guests the chance to sign in for events and meetings conveniently and to cut ques. These check-in kiosks can scan delegate IDs, capture their photo and print delegate badges among other things.

Parking management: Outdoor kiosks have good applications in parking lots. These kiosks help the parking operator to keep track of unoccupied and occupied parking spaces in their car park. They can also act as a wayfinding solution for drivers looking for their cars. Also, as the customers drive in their vehicles, the kiosk can dispense the ticket to them along with showing them which spaces are empty in the parking lot. While leaving the drivers can also make a payment on the kiosk itself.

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