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One of our best-selling products is Directa – our state-of-the-art, technologically superior portrait kiosk/Vertical Kiosk. This product packs in both good looks and technical finesse. Our portrait kiosk is a multi-industry, multi-functional, touch-screen interactive kiosk that can be put to a variety of uses. It can run banner advertisements, share information, act as a ticketing counter, give directions and double up as a customer-care kiosk.

Directa is a great option for all businesses, big and small, which are looking to improve their performance and increase revenue. The sleek, vertical, totem-like design of our Directa kiosk ensures that it is visible from afar. It occupies less area and makes the best use of the retail space. We also offer custom kiosk enclosures to suit the design and branding requirements of our customers.

What is a Portrait Kiosk?

A portrait kiosk is a standalone, vertical kiosk that is slim and elegantly built. It is robust enough to be kept in public places, while at the same time; its beautiful design ensures that it is also a head-turner. The kiosk gets its name from its portrait-like look that makes it ideal as an advertisement kiosk. While the sleek design ensures that your banner advertisements are well-displayed, the multi-functional, touch screen helps in information exchange, locating places on digital maps and even making sales.

Directa: Features of Portrait Kiosks

Touch screen: Directa kiosks offer brightly lit, interactive and highly sensitive touch screens. They assure the best display for running advertisements, while the smooth and sensitive touch screen offers high precision and durability.

Safety: We take care of both software and hardware-related safety. While software safety ensures that your data is safe and not misused, hardware safety is provided by the high-grade material we use in making our standalone kiosks.

Build: All our vertical kiosks are made from rust-free, high-quality material, thereby making it strong and durable. We offer customized kiosk enclosures that are very attractive to look at.

Flexibility: It can be used as a healthcare kiosk at hospitals and nursing homes, an exhibition kiosk for trade fairs and exhibitions and as a wayfinding kiosk on college and university campuses.

Customization: We give our customers the option to customize their portrait kiosks according to their business preferences and their needs. Being a kiosk enclosure manufacturer, we give you an edge over your competitors, by helping you to market your product better, run banner ads, improve your visibility and increase your outreach.

Optional Features: At VirtuBox, we also provide our customers with the option of installing an HD camera, POS (point-of-sale) terminal, barcode scanner, branding plate and printer.

Directa: Benefits of a Portrait Kiosk

Sales: Portrait Kiosks are immensely beneficial for small and medium scale industries and businesses. Research has shown that kiosks can boost your sales significantly by inviting your patrons to spend time at the kiosk stations looking through product catalogs and product comparisons and prices.

Advertisements: Furthermore, you can also run banner advertisements on your touch screen, thereby earning money from your kiosk. Our vertical portrait kiosks are tailor-made for running advertisements.

Visibility: The sleek design and the totem-like feature of the kiosk make for the maximum visibility in a crowded place. Even in a public place, you can make sure that people notice your kiosk from a distance.

Analytics: Our kiosk software also gives you the best analytics support and helps you to know your customers better. It increases your brand outreach and improves the overall customer experience.

Directa: Applications of Portrait Kiosks

Indoor navigation: Our kiosk can act as a wayfinding and a digital directory in shopping malls, universities, hospitals, etc. Since all these are indoor spaces, GPS devices often fail to perform accurately, giving customers the wrong directions. It is here that a wayfinding kiosk can be of help.

Information exchange: Portrait kiosks can also be used as information kiosks for exhibitions, museums and offices, where the presence of a crowd requires deft handling of people and answering their questions promptly.

Ticketing: The point-of-sale function of our kiosks makes them perfect for being used as ticketing kiosks for restaurants, food chains, etc. Our kiosks can also be used to buy tickets for movie-watching. This is particularly helpful for people who want to avoid queues.

Hospitals: Portrait kiosks can double up as self-service kiosks in hospitals, enabling patients to check-in and check-out, especially in the out-patient departments.

Factories: In factory spaces, portrait kiosks can be used as safety kiosks giving workers guidelines and instructions on safety protocols. This application is particularly important in a post-COVID world.

Hotels: Portrait kiosks can be used in hotels, thereby helping guests to check-in and check-out as per their will.

Technical Specification:

Model Number VBE32V3 VBE43V3 VBE55V3
Touch screen Display
Display size 32 inch 43 inch 55 inch
Brightness (cd/m2) 350 nits 350 nits 350 nits
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9
Screen Type Full HD (1920x1080) Full HD (1920x1080) Full HD (1920x1080)
Colour Depth (Num of Colours) 16.7 Million 16.7 Million 16.7 Million
Touch Type 10 point IR Touch 10 point IR Touch 10 point IR Touch
Operation System Android 7.1 Android 7.1 Android 7.1
memory 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Storage 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB
Processor Make ARM ARM ARM
Processor Speed 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz
Processor Configuration Octa-Core Octa-Core Octa-Core
Electrical Specs
Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz
Operating Temp 0-40 degree 0-40 degree 0-40 degree
Operating Humidity 10% - 80% 10% - 80% 10% - 80%
Power Rating 120 W 120 W 120 W
Speaker in-Built in-Built in-Built
Warranty 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr
Type of enclosure Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel
Weight 40 Kg 50 Kg 60 kg
Overall Dimension (cmxcmxcm) 120x80x50

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