Case Study Of Tourism Industry with VirtuBox

This company is a pioneer in the travel business for more than 40 years. They have a fleet of 50 coaches/ cars of their own, with a network of offices across the country. They also have a restaurant functioning in India and Durban, South Africa.

Travel Brochure App

Key Challenges

Information about Places

To create a customer-centric medium, info about the places with detailed outlook needs to be there which they lacked.

Enhancing Branding

To achieve the rapid growth in the competitive environment, the immediate business need of a company was to acquire a self-managed digital system at its offices and hotels to enhance Branding and Customers Engagements.

Enquiry/ Feedback

An effective system to handle needed to improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Payment On the Go

They wanted to have something for the company that could also have the capability of making payments through the gateway and choosing the customized package(s).

Ads & Promotion

Key visitors’ data analytics was required to plan and upgrade marketing strategies. It helps to monitor the ROI of marketing activities.

Other Challenges

No provision of information on a single platform

Communicating all the information is absolutely unimaginable without digital intervention. They wanted to have an all-in-one kind of interactive system, to address the same.

Nearby Place Information/ Promoting Tourism

It is a problem faced especially by new users. They don't get information about related packages/ places which could be a potential medium of tourism and can boost the revenue of accommodation, cab services and food area etc. nearby.


They lacked marketing prospects from SEO and ASO of a mobile app. Hence it was also a most important requirement.

VirtuBox Solution - Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk & Mobile App

  • Kiosk & Mobile App helps in displaying packages/destinations details
  • The data collected in enquiry and feedback can be used in lead generation activities, hence enhancing the branding/marketing of the company.
  • All information can be gathered under a single umbrella. This way kiosks & App are highly effective in sharing information as it acts like a repository which can even work offline.
  • Users get access to information on their smartphones in the most convenient way (compared to browsers based smartphone/desktop).
  • They can place an order and make the payment instantly.
  • The fastest way to share any updates with push and broadcast notifications.
Tourism Promotion and Booking App

Business Benefits

Travel and Hotel App

  • Efficient time utilization by 40%
  • Experiential display
  • Information On the Go through a mobile app
  • Information can be accessed anywhere and educate users
  • Acts as an excellent medium of revenue generation for the Tourism sector, thus increasing ROI by 30%
  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by 30-40%

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