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Corporate Office

This organization comes under one of the most powerful conglomerate and is the culmination of six decades of progress and innovation. Ranging from recent international acquisitions, it is governed with sensitivity, fuelled by passion, driven by initiative, led with respect for its stakeholders, powered by inspiration and supported with trust. Its products have mass mobility for over a billion people. Its revenue for FY 2019 stands for 468 mn$

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Key Challenges

Digital Directory

They wanted to have a product directly readily available while pitching to the customers. Also their business need was to digitize their catalog so it can be easily reached to their ISVs, distributors, resellers, Sales staff and partners

Enhancing Branding

To achieve the rapid growth in the competitive environment, the other important need of company was to acquire self-managed digital system at its offices and shops/places to enhance Branding and Customer Engagements .

Enquiry/ Feedback

An effective system to handle needed to improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Enhanced Functionality

It becomes imperative to have each and every minute details about the products and integration with 3rd Party which helps in seamless flow of information and eventually takes less time in decision making.


Key buyers data analytics was required to plan and upgrade marketing strategies. It helps to monitor ROI of marketing activities.

Other Challenges

Information mediums are scattered

Communicating with all the information channels is absolutely unimaginable without digital intervention. They wanted to have a all-in-one kind of interactive system, to address the same.


They lacked marketing prospects from SEO and ASO of mobile app. Hence it was also the most important requirement.

Limited Network and Reach at Retail Channels

They were unable to find a reliable medium which can bring efficacy to their system. They wanted to have an innovative solution across the retail channels for brand promotion. In a way, all the other partners like ISV, Resellers, distributors needs to be benefitted with this marketing approach.

VirtuBox Solution- Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk & Mobile App

  • Kiosk & Mobile App helped in their product detailing and specifications.
  • The data collected in enquiry and feedback used in lead generation activities, hence improved customer satisfaction and branding/marketing of the company.
  • kiosks & App are highly effective in sharing information as it acts like a repository which can even work offline.
  • Users get access to information on their smartphones in the most convenient way (compared to browsers based smartphone/desktop).
  • They can get minute details and specifications about the product with pictures (rich content) which helps in faster decision making and purchase.
  • Fastest way to share any updates with push and broadcast notifications
  • Digital Catalog is managed seamlessly. Product design, content can be updated very easily.

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Business Benefits

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  • Efficient time utilization by 40%
  • Experiential display
  • Information On the Go through mobile app
  • Information can be accessed anywhere and educate users
  • Sales went up by 30%
  • Low TCO (total Cost of Ownership) by 30-40%