Sleepwell Products


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2017-11-30 09:19:03

Serenity has Latex Plus Material for ultimate comfort and superior bounce. NASA’s Visco Elastic material for ultimate comfort.

Duet Air

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2017-11-30 09:42:09

Duet Air offers a firm side and a soft side in the same mattress for personalised comfort.


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2017-11-30 10:36:20

Impressions Regal perfected for your bedroom with Responsive Profile Technology. Integrating temperature sensitive material that has been developed by NASA, this mattress follows the contours of your body, reducing stress and enabling deep quality sleep.


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2017-11-30 11:11:52

Made up of soft flexible Polyurethanes material. Provides a unique combination of support and comfort. Comes with a primary cover for enhanced product life.


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2017-11-30 11:30:16

Made up of 23 Density soft flexible Polyurethane material for better support & comfort. 100% cotton primary cover which makes Flexi-Puf Pillow ideal for all seasons. These are available in Medium, Large and Extra Large size.


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2017-11-30 11:54:05

These one of a kind and decorative pillows from Sleepwell are designed to serve you in many ways. These can be used for supporting head during sleep like regular pillows. The advantage of using bolster pillow in place of regular pillows is that it runs the entire width of bed, which ensures uniform support to head irrespective of sleeping posture. In case of regular pillows, however, head tends to dip in the gap between the pillows. Bolster pillows are also used for providing support to back during sleep. Especially people having bad backs and pregnant women can use these pillows for support. Because of their aesthetics, bolster pillows have also come to be used for decorative purposes. They can have variety of casings made of silk, satin, or velvet and also choosing the proper color story that goes with the color of other furniture items, hangings, or walls of your rooms.


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2017-12-01 04:58:30

Sleepwell pillows range fibre adore .

PUF Back Cushions

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2017-12-01 05:17:24

Back cushions are gods boon to the tired back. You slog all day at work which gets you a sore back at the end of the day. Good back cushions support your back and provide relief to your aching back. Back cushions are designed to adapt to the basic spine structure of human beings. Whether you are using the back cushions in your office, car or at home, these are designed to support your lower back optimally. Sleepwell Flexi PUF Back Cushions are treated with Health fresh which stops breeding of harmful bacteria and dust mites giving you healthy comfort.

Sleepwell Mattresses

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2018-03-19 06:29:19

India’s leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 certified company