Bullet Security Cameras

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Approx Price: Rs 750 / Piece

Product Details

Bullet Security Cameras are small Video Cameras that are shaped like a bullet. These cameras are typically the width of a ci-gar, but they are shorter. Infrared Bullet Cameras are larger in diameter than standard bullet cameras. Bullet Cameras easily mount on ceilings or walls. The main advantage of Bullet Cameras is their low cost and small size. Although they have a low cost and are very small, they still provide excellent Picture Quality and Video Recording.
If you need a weatherproof bullet camera for an outdoor surveillance installation, CCTV Camera Pros recommends that you consider one our our infrared bullet cameras which also work well in low light and zero light applications. Our bullet IR cameras can also be used indoors. The BIPRO-540L4 Infrared Bullet Camera is one of our best selling bullet IR cameras.