Arista CT5402H

Product Details

Beat the heat with ease with Orient Electric’s Arista CT5402H tower cooler. It is sleek and stylish, and can be moved to any part of your home or office, thanks to the smoothly rolling wheels. The cooler has a slim and compact design which will blend with your interiors so well, you wont even realize that it exists.
Arista has a strong ABS body and will cool your surroundings in no time while consuming just 185 watts of power. It has a 1300 cubic meter of air throw with 4 ways air deflection. The best part is that it runs on inverter power also, ensuring that you stay cool even during the power cuts.


Air Delivery (Cu.m./hr) 1300
Air Throw Distance (Feet / Meters) 25 feet
Water Tank Capacity (Liters) 55
Blower/ Fan size Dia 180
Castor/Trolley wheels with cover
Auto Fill No
Ice Chamber Yes
Fragrance Cham berfragrance pouch
Vertical Louver Movement Yes
Rotational Grill No
Air Defelction 4way
Wattage 185W
Speed Control 3speed (micom)
Water Level Indicator Yes
Mosquito Net Yes
Over Flow Hole Yes
Cooling Medium Honeycomb
Earthing Safety Yes
Horizontal Louver Movement Yes
Inverter Compatibility Yes
Dimensions [L X W X H] (cm) 286 x 286 x 1348
NET WEIGHT (KG) not available
GROSS WEIGHT (KG) not available