GSM Car Alarm System (BALIN 011)

Product Details

Galvanic’s GSM Car Alarm System uses GSM networks to transmit and receive the signals. By using this system you are always stay connected with your vehicle from any where in the world.
It guards your vehicle with built in GSM. The system alarms you against any theft in your vehicle. It gives the alarm in form of ‘SMS’ to user. The user can access all the features of the system from anywhere, anytime.


Quad Band GSM Based
Compatible with inbuilt car alarm system or keyless entry system
Two Way Alarm Systems
Password Protection
5 Mobile No’s to operate the system
Stop the Car in Running Mode by SMS
Immobilize the vehicle
Check Ignition/ Door Status by SMS
Security ON/ OFF by SMS or Remote of existing alarm system
Antitheft SMS
Resetting the system by SMS
Nearest Three Tower Location by SMS
Valet / Service Mode Facility
Confirmation SMS
All the features are programmable by SMS