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Typically Business has two challenges: Sales AND Everything else.
Within Sales there are plenty of issues and need to be solved one by one. Have you ever thought whether the people who represent you have the right information about your product/service? Are they effective and equipped enough to represent your business. The trump card for sales channel's is having the right information at the right time. For this we offer to create your mobile app as per your brand requirement. So with Virtupaper we give businesses the much needed edge, streamlining all your products into one seamless, easy to use and share catalogue app.
Our designed catalog app for businesses, works offline, Keep catalog updated using auto sync feature, SAAS based license to ensure low cost of ownership, Instant market ready app generation, Easy to control, Helps business to send any broadcast message or notification to users for any update/event etc. This smart catalog can also enable businesses to get orders directly using app from their sales channel.

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