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Print Catalogs have an important function in the marketing strategy of many businesses today. A catalog supports you in the process of communicating details of your product line with a retail customer or with a wholesale client in a more effective style. This helps your potential buyer in browsing conveniently and easily through your offerings.
Even though print catalogs are in wide use today, digital catalogs are gaining popularity in this era of digitization in the society. Digital catalogs hold an upper hand due to its cost effectiveness and ease of handling and distribution. The modern customers find digital catalogs easier to go through as what it takes is just a few number of touches on their smart devices.
Using digital channels can give you many additional benefits that the print marketing can’t. With that in mind, following are the seven key points that show how adopting digital catalogs into your business marketing strategy can provide you tremendous benefits.
1. Your customers can access your catalog wherever they are
The main function of the catalog is to allow customers to easily examine your products and services along with its specifications to better understand what you can offer to them. To make your catalog more impactful, your target audience should be able to easily access it. Your customer can access a digital catalog wherever there is an internet connection at their work, home or on the go. The print catalogs have a downside in this point as they are not easily accessible.
2. Easily shareable
To share your digital catalog app to anyone, what you have to do is just to share the link of download to them via e-mail, text messages or social media. They can directly download your catalog app from the play store for android or from app store for iOS and access it in no time conveniently and easily. This will also improve the word of mouth marketing of your product as the existing customers will share your catalogs with other potential customers due its ease of sharing.
3. Integrate multimedia
The main two elements of a print catalog are text and pictures. Even though these are important, many businesses will have the need to add multimedia like audio and video to their catalog to help demonstrate their product in a more effective way. With digital catalogs it becomes possible to add multimedia. This could be an audio that demonstrates tone of your musical instrument or a YouTube video that demonstrates how to use your blender.
4. Connect it with your web store
In a digital catalogue you can embed the link that will redirect your customer to your web store. When a customer clicks on the product they will be taken to your online store section for that product and the customer can place the order readily. This can increase the conversion rate for your e-commerce business.
5. Easily updateable
Once a print catalog is printed, no changes can be made to them when new updates are made to the product. So, in order to convey the update the next set of catalogs will have to be printed. With digital, the updating of the catalog to reflect on the copy with the customer is simple. Every update that is done is readily updated on all the catalogs in no time with zero additional cost. This could be an update in price, an added colour for a product etc.
6. Reduction of print and distribution cost
Print catalogs involve various costs like the cost of printing each catalog, distributing and shipping. Using a digital catalog to supplement your printed one can actually help you reduce the extra cost of printing and distribution. Instead of sending many physical copies you can send just a link that would redirect the audience to the catalog.
7. Customer data analytics
Recognizing what the customers are looking for is very important in designing the strategies for marketing. With the help of digital catalogs the time that a customer spends in a particular category or product and also the number of times it is visited can be known. This helps you in understanding the customer preferences and what kind of advertisement will work and which don’t.
By intelligently utilizing the digital catalogs, you can increase the appeal of your brand among your prospective audience. Increasing the ways in which the customers can browse through the products on a digital platform will be a smart move for any kind of businesses in the present day.

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