How to set the interactive behavior of Navigation?

● Log in to your VirtuBox account
● Select the 'Modules' option from the main menu
(The main menu is on the left-hand side of the screen)
● Select the 'Navigation' icon in the sub-menu section
Note: If you get an error message, the Navigation feature is disabled from your subscription. Please contact your service provider to review your subscription

● In the Navigation, page click on Config button
● Under the Navigation Configuration section tap on the Interactive Map Behaviour drop-down box
1. Non-Interactive behaviour-No information will be displayed
2. Fully interactive-All the points will be visible and information will be displayed
3. Touch on Selected and Invisible Pins-The The information of the selected pins will be displayed. If a user taps on the invisible pin the information will be displayed int hat case as well
4. Touch on the selected points-Only the information of the selected pin will be displayed

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