How to set iOS app icon?

Every App requires an icon which pleases the aesthetic sense and gets ingrained in the memory of the user. The icon is the first impression and needs to be memorable for the user. It also suggests the purpose of the app.

● Log in to your VirtuBox account
● Select ‘VirtuApp’ option from the main menu
(The main menu is on the left-hand side of the screen)
Note: If you get an error message, the assets feature is disabled for your subscription. Contact your service provider to review your subscription
● Click on the Assets icon in the sub-menu section
● Select the image you want to set as the icon of the given specification (Refer to the link provided below to know more)
● Click on Submit and Continue


Attribute Value
Format PNG
Color space sRGB or P3
Layers Flattened with no transparency
Resolution Varies (See Image Size and Resolution in the link provided in resources)
Shape Square with no rounded corners
Pixel size 1024x1024 px

ios app icon config

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