How to promote mobile apps through various activities?

We can promote the Mobile app and its download and usage through these following ways
● Put mobile app link on Website
● Embed the App plugin code on the website so that if someone opens the website from their phone - it will ask to download the mobile app.
● Send SMS/Whatsapp with short URL of the app to everyone
● Printing of following on business card, Banners, leaflet, directory, invitation letter, lanyard, etc.
● Download App (IOS and Android Logo) along with QR code.
● Add about the mobile app in their employee signature
● Create few standees for mobile app
● Assign a person to answer all queries received or will be received on the mobile app
● Put mobile app QR code on all paper ads.
● Add mobile app links on the social media profile and regularly post at least 4-5 times before the event/branding.
● Ask all internal staff/Shops/Buyers to download mobile apps

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