How to create an App using VirtuBox?

● When you sign up with VirtuBox, you will be redirected to welcome page
● Requirements and Tap on account setup
● You will be asked to enter the App name
● Select from Make the first app for me and I'll manage it myself option
● Select 'Make the first App for me'
● Choose the template that suits your requirements and business vertical
● Wait for some time while your App is getting ready
● You can have the preview of your App in VirtuApp Preview App (Download the VirtuApp App from the given source below)
● Select the checkbox ‘I have downloaded VirtuApp App on my Phone’ and Click on Continue
● Enter the Phone number you want to use and click on'Get your App'
● When you open the VirtuApp App you can preview your App
● You will be redirected to the Page with Quick Links to 'App Users', 'Training' and 'Support'
● Open Dashboard and you can customize your App

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