What is a form?
A form is a document or a page with spaces where data can be entered or written. A series of similar documents are used to fill in the information. A form when completed can be a statement, enquiry, survey, feedback, order or request. It’s an interactive page that allows the user to give their opinions, share their experience. Forms are used to simplify the task and to maintain uniformity. It helps in improving user experience, products, interface, service, sales, etc.
How does Virtubox help?
Virtubox provides a default enquiry form in the catalog. There is a provision to add a customised enquiry form as well. All types of Virtuboye form responses can be used to analysing and lead generation activity.
What are the requirements?
For making a customised form you require a set of questions of any data type.
Note: You need to contact your service provider in case the navigation feature is not enabled for your subscription
How it works
Forms can be deployed using the following simple steps.

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