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Southern Travels is involved in making the travelers life blissful and joyous since the 1970s. They cater to every need and requirements of the tourists and travelers. It’s a name synonymous with quality and assurance in the tourism industry. The mission of the company is to provide safe and value-added services to customers with a personal touch. Southern travel has built an excellent reputation for comfort, safety, friendly approach, and customer-centric services. They keep reinventing themselves to stay at the top of their game.

Association with VirtuBox was for this very purpose. With the vision to add value to the services provided to the customers, they launched a mobile app. The mobile app is handy and customers can access information anytime anywhere. With high-end technology provided by VirtuBox, the mobile app is a treat for the customers because of its user-friendly interface. It also provides a comparative analysis of packages provided by the travels. Every time the company came up with a new package it had to undergo the process of getting it printed or adding to its catalog. With a mobile app, it is easy to introduce or remove an offer. It is a digital catalog that allows the company to make changes and the customer gets first-hand information. The users are notified of new packages or any announcements through the app. Also, the enterprise gets analytics of the user behavior and they can design services based on their preferences. Overall with VirtuApp, Southern Travel’s customer experience improved visibly and saved their time and resources spent on printing catalogs.

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