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Pool Brigade is a leading resource for your in-home delivery of chemicals, parts, and products for all swimming pool and spa needs. They provide quick, reasonable and reliable goods for the pool and spa. Pool Brigade operates from Riverside California. The mission of the enterprise is to provide clean and hygenic water for the pools and spas. They have put in a lot of effort and resources in this direction.

When pool Brigade came in contact with VirtuBox they did not have a proper catalog. They found that every time they introduced new products or removed some redundant products they had to get the catalogs reprinted. This led to a lot of wastage of paper as well as resources. Also, it was a time taking process. They only consumers having the catalog were benefitted by this. Those who did not have catalogs were left uninformed or clueless. With VirtuBox they were immediately able to update their catalogs and introduce as many products as they wanted. The best part of the association is that now all the customers and even the prospective customers can view the products and their specifications. It provided the customer with a proper comparative study of products and references as well. With Kiosk, the customers visiting the store found it very appealing and interactive. The smooth user interface is appreciated by the users. On the whole, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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