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Information Directory and Promotor kiosk

Kent is one of the leading healthcare provider companies, whose mission is to make the world a better and healthy place to live in. with this goal, they have been innovating various healthcare products using the latest technology. Over the years they have evolved as market leaders by providing technologically advanced healthcare products.

With the ongoing process of innovation comes the need to update. Having several distributors and dealers across the country and worldwide it is a hassle to issue updates and the latest information. Comes VirtuBox in with its high-end technology, it provided the distributors and dealers with a digital catalog that keeps them updated about the latest innovation and information. When it comes to handing out information mobile apps are quickest. They are easily downloadable from the Play Store or App Store. With the mobile app builder the company could easily upload the latest products, specifications, and other information. Removing and adding products is a child’s play and the company can share the updated catalog with everyone in a matter of seconds. With the promoter kiosk, the experience was enhanced as it displays all the information in an interactive way. VirtuBox helps Kent in its mission to make the world a better and healthy place by providing a platform where it can showcase its products rather than printing catalogs. This has reduced the printing costs and paper, saving trees.

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