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A Digital Ride with VirtuApp

Hero Cycles is a leading cycle and it’s components manufacturer in India. Established in the way back in 1956, in Ludhiana today it has grown into a Humongous corporate. It has more than 250 suppliers and 2800 dealerships and it is present in more than 70 countries in the world. The ever-expanding business required a steady network of dealers and informed and updated sellers. The enterprise faced challenges in reaching out to the dealers and suppliers spread across the globe. Informing them regarding the latest updates, new launches, their features and specifications, pricing, etc, was a big task.

Enter VirtuBox, the one-stop-shop for all business needs. The VirtuBox provided mobile app solution that can be easily shared with people all over the world through the Play Store and App Store. The mobile app reached out to not only the domestic dealers but also the international dealers instantaneously. Several new products, dealers, and outlets are introduced every year. Mobile apps are easy to download and access. The latest information was easily imparted to all the users. The biggest advantage the mobile app presented was getting rid of the bulky catalogs. Hero cycles don’t need to print the catalogs on a regular basis to send it to the dealers in the process reducing the usage of paper. Thus saving time, money and resources.

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