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Your Guide for the Mall- VirtuKiosk

With its humongous retail space, DLF Promenade is one of the largest malls in the heart of Delhi NCR. Offering 360 degrees retail experience, DLF Promenade has several things to offer to all the age groups and categories. Several renowned fashion brands, iconic food chains, delis, and diners are housed in the mall. Spread over 4.6 lacs square feet of an area the Mall has Kiddyland, open-air lifestyle space and bars and lounges. DLF Promenade caters to customers who are looking for a quality retail experience coupled with a chic ambience.

Set in this haven the VirtuBox offers a whole new digital experience to the mall-goers. Since the mall is spread across such a vast area it becomes difficult to navigate and locate stores and areas of interest. The footfall in the mall is sizeable. With VirtuKiosk and VirtuApp, the mall-goers are able to access information regarding their favorite fashion brands and the offers they proffer. The app and interactive display screens across the mall come in handy when the visitors wants to locate a particular deli or a lounge. Association with VirtuBox benefitted the mall as it got an insight into visitor behavior. It helped them in providing better offers and solutions to visitors. On the whole, VirtuBox aided the mall in leveling up their game and redefining the mall experience.

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