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VirtuKiosk and VirtuApp Guide for Mall

The Ambience Mall is said to be one of the Biggest malls in NCR. The large number of footfalls that the malls receive is noteworthy. The mall has more than 230 stores of numerous outlets of Indian and International brands to showcase. The mall offers complete retail therapy to all the shoppers. It has huge food court and several activity zones for adults and kids. Several lounges and restaurants are spread across the mall. The mall spread across around 1,997,378 sq.ft, has a lot to offer to the visitors.

But with the problem of navigation and managing the data poses. VirtuBox’s digital user experience solution helped the mall to establish Wayfinder across the malls through interactive touch screens and mobile app. The latest offers offered by the various stores and restaurants are now at your fingertips. With VirtuBox the mall was able to understand the guest's behavior as it provides analytics. Which brands the customers prefer, the activities they want to indulge in, the most searched restaurant or area, in short everything that the customer is looking for can be easily found and the resulting data was used to improve the user experience. This made the user to come back for more and latch to the mobile app and touch screen Kiosk provided by VirtuBox.

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