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From exhibitions, events, airports, hospitals, malls to retail stores, VirtuKiosk is a truly flexible solution for application scenarios that make a touch screen display available to customers. It helps reduce the operational costs and manual errors/delays in managing ‘islands’ of digital content. It attracts visitors to interact with your kiosk using a screensaver loop created from your images and/or videos. User can use this to search, compare any of the products or navigate within the premises to locate any product. Thus VirtuKiosk improves Offline store sales by increasing the efficiency of the store employees, showing detailed information about product/services and getting meaningful customer insights.


  • It let search and discover right product for themselves
  • Display digital catalog of your products range
  • Provide full product specification and description along with its image, video etc


  • Showcase product information and story behind the product
  • Make Sales more effective by sharing uniform product information across stores
  • Provide them suggestions based on user search or page navigation


  • For malls, hospitals, large retail stores let user find their own path
  • Navigate across the premises like user doing it on Google map.
  • Help user know more about other facilities/amenities


  • Understand most popular product/page, user likes etc
  • Observe user behaviour via backend admin dashboard
  • Get user enquiry, run survey, get feedback right from the screen