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VirtuExplorer, way-finding solution for in-store or in-premise navigation. It works with VirtuPaper - Mobile app or VirtuKiosk - touchscreen-based solution. There are several apps and ways that guide navigation outside the premises. But VirtuExplorere helps you navigate within the premises. It’s indigenously developed after thorough and extensive research based on the needs of businesses such as malls, exhibitions, hospitals, university campuses, etc. Implementing VirtuExplorer boosts customer service and provides valuable insights into visitor footfall metrics.

The module does not rely on Google or any other third party APIs to function. As a result, the navigation module works 100% offline without needing a constant internet connection and can be easily programmed by end-user organizations without needing any special technical skills. It provides point to point navigation of a venue including all key locations such as retail stores or stalls, facilities, and choice of waypoints ie connectors - lifts, escalators, stairs or walkways.

The navigation can be triggered by a user with a simple call to action buttons or by simply tapping on key points on a map. The sequence is displayed by means of dynamically generated animated navigation sequence along with information display in the form of a map legend.

The module generates significant data points after a few weeks of usage. This data can be utilised to analyse visitor behaviour, footfall metrics or even to fine-tune the location of a touch screen kiosk.

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