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By providing a mobile app builder, VirtuApp helps businesses to increase their sales by many-folds also to showcase their products to a wider range of audiences. Making a mobile app with VirtuApp becomes a child’s play as it is easy to build, manage and update. All these and more at very affordable prices. Clients can see the updated mobile app even when they are offline. It saves money of enterprises by obliterating the use of paper for catalogs, promotions, and sales offers. Having a mobile app has become a necessity for organizations in the digital era. One feels handicapped without an app. VirtuApp is a boon for small organizations that cannot bear the cost of a tech team to develop a mobile app. We have done the task of coding for you. All you need is to put in your data and publish the app. With VirtuApp mobile app builder, your app will be ready in a jiffy. We are empowering the organizations by providing a platform to create their own apps. It saves the effort of development, deployment, updation, and distribution.

Cross Platform App Maker

Mobile Product Catalog

  • Create a digital catalog of your products
  • Sufficient space for full product specification and description along with its image and price
  • Bulk upload all your products with details in a jiffy

Places Orders

  • Go through the catalog list and select a catalog
  • Add items to order from the digital catalog
  • Full order history and status is always available on your mobile

Save Time and Money

  • Get rid of unnecessary paper handling and usage
  • No more printing time and costs when you want to update the catalog
  • Update your client about the product changes immediately via SMS or email

Real-time Monitoring

  • Observe your clients via VirtuApp admin dashboard
  • Identify and solve potential problems and issues as soon as they occur
  • Get orders directly from the clients, without employing middle-men.

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