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What is an Interactive touch screen kiosk solution?

An interactive touch screen kiosk solution is essentially a software application that is designed to transform your screen or a PC into a kiosk. These kiosks use touch screen technology and provide information and applications for entertainment, communication, commerce, etc.

Touch Screen Kiosk Software BuilderTouch Screen Kiosk Software Builder

Why Kiosk is required for business?

Kiosks are popular among businesses as they provide a number of advantages. By using a kiosk one can increase their presence using digital signage, improves customers, reduces time, cost, resources.

How VirtuKiosk Kiosk builder help in developing a Kiosk solution?

VirtuBox Kiosk builder is the best technological innovation that has happened in the touch screen kiosks segment. The VirtuBox Kiosk builder not only helps businesses to set their own kiosks by just dumping data. It also comes with the feature of navigation, ticking, setting up feedback, survey, etc.

Why VirtuKiosk builder software is better than other Kiosk software?

The VirtuKiosk builder is amongst the best Kiosk app builder. It is because of:

  1. It has been built by spending more than 50000 man-hours of effort.
  2. We have lots of features and our platform supports up to 100 K pages app. So you can scale whenever you need it
  3. We just not help you built a kiosk solution but also provide you a complete tool for analytics to review your kiosk performance and work on improving it.
  4. It comes with developer API to integrate with your core software system especially for ticketing, booking, customer support, Loyalty program, etc.
  5. It is easy to set up and configure. A kiosk can be set up within a day if the content is available.

How does a smart kiosk differ from a conventional kiosk?

  • Smart kiosks are typically delivered through a cloud-based technology platform
  • Smart kiosks can show dynamic content (e.g depending on who's standing in front of it, or time of day, week, location, etc)
  • Smart kiosks have several real-time benefits (real-time content updates, analytics, etc)
  • Smart kiosks inherently have much deeper analytics capabilities than conventional kiosks (conversion ratios, most popular content, user demographics, etc)

What are the steps to configure Kiosk using VirtuKiosk software?

  • Business houses need to have content ready to publish on Kiosk.
  • Signup with VirtuBox and choose to create Kiosk
  • Push and publish all related content
  • Buy specified configuration hardware and install VirtuKiosk app from play store
  • Enter license key appears on VirtuKiosk in your account

Voila!! Your kiosk is up and running.

What hardware configuration required for VirtuKiosk software?

VirtuKiosk is developed on Android OS. So it requires an Android touch screen kiosk. Android OS specification should be

  • Android 7 or higher
  • RAM 3 GB or higher
  • Storage 8 GB or higher

For vertical kiosk, Android should support rotation. Please check the hardware specification offered by VirtuBox to know more.

What kind of Kiosk solution can be developed using VirtuKiosk?

Using VirtuKiosk, information kiosks, digital directory kiosks, Wayfinding kiosks, promotional kiosks, ticking kiosks, self-order kiosks, etc build easily. Please check the detailed feature list.

Why Android-based kiosk is better than Windows Kiosks?

Millennials are now the largest consumer demographic and have very specific digital habits & Expectations. They are habitual of mobile technologies so with android we keep pace with the digital habits of consumers.
Android OS is easy to boot and provide many in-build features/API which makes it easy to set up as public kiosk. Android kiosks are cheaper as Android device comes at a lower price and there is no cost for OS. Android OS comes with an auto-install new app version through Playstore so it is easy to manage.

What is the parameter to check before buying Kiosk hardware and how to get it?

Kiosk hardware look and feel should be very attractive as this is the first step to attract the users. Another parameter is response time so processor and RAM should be according to the specifications. If you are using indoor kiosk the brightness of the screen should be more than 350 Nits, for outdoor kiosks should be more than 1500 nits.

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