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How iOS app builder help in building an iOS mobile app?

Some of us find it arduous to write a simple program leave alone some thousand-page program or a program for an app or website. Many people don't have the basic knowledge of how to write a program. For enterprises, it’s extravagant to employ a team for coding and make an app. iOS app builder reduces the time, cost and manpower involved thus reducing the burden of the enterprises.

AppStore App Builder

What is the iOS app builder?

An iOS app builder is a tool that is used to build and customize your own app. It doesn’t require any lengthy programming or highly trained professionals to make an app for your business. All you need is to add information and your app is ready to publish.

How does VirtuApp iOS app builder help?

VirtuApp has made the task of business entities, institutions, organizations to put up their app on Apple store a child’s play. Any person with a basic knowledge of how to use Facebook or LinkedIn can make the app. All one needs to do is add the company information and other required details and the app is good to use. VirtuApp has already done the task of programming for you. All you need is to add information. The app made on VirtuBox is compatible with all iOS devices without a hassle.

Why VirtuApp iOS app builder is better than other app builder tool?

The VirtuApp iOS app builder is amongst the best app builder. It is because of:

  1. It has been built by spending more than 50000 man-hours of effort.
  2. It comes up with an auto-release platform which keeps updating your apps for bug fixes, new feature updates and fixes regularly once you publish your app on the AppStore.
  3. It offers many features that help to meet minimum feature list guidelines of Apple and 99% apps built using our platform get approval in the first release.
  4. It offers Native app so you can rely us on the best performance of the app, unlike others who built apps using HTML5 or cross-platform apps.
  5. We just not help you built an app but also provide you a complete tool for analytics to review your app performance and work on improving it.
  6. Our apps are secure and follow all industry-standard security and backup. So you can just relax! Your data is safe in the cloud.
  7. We have lots of features and our platform supports up to 100 K pages app. So you can scale whenever you need it.
  8. Moreover, the best part is it is available at a very reasonable price. Much less than the cost incurred in hiring professionals in developing the app and time and resources spent on it.

What are the steps to build an iOS app using VirtuApp mobile app builder?

To build an app you need to register your business on the VirtuBox platform. Once registered please follow the detail tutorials provided by us to know the basic data need to upload from your admin account. You can create groups, subgroups, pages and link pages with any group and subgroup. Define your page type and add content on the page accordingly.

How app preview can be seen before publishing?

You can see your app preview by simply downloading our previewer - VirtuApp mobile app from the Appstore/ Playstore and search for your app name there. You need to download your app as a mini-app there to view your app.

How iOS app can be published in the AppStore?

You need to buy an apple developer account for your business. You can make VirtuBox your account manager and we will create and publish the app for you. Please check our documentation for the app release process from the knowledgebase section for detailed steps.

What kind of apps can a VirtuBox app builder build?

Apps where you need to display information, static calculator, forms, image gallery, video gallery, order taking, product catalog, in-premise navigation, etc, or content us to know more. Please see the detailed feature list.

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