Signages that Speak

Digital signages are becoming a more popular form of advertising and displaying information. These are used as a network of electronic displays and can be centrally managed. The screens can be individually addressed and display of information, ads, messages etc, can be managed according to the target audience.

Cloud-based content management system for your display screen, LED walls, Digital signage screen, etc. Display data can be scheduled, updated, customized in real-time without any human interaction.

Digital Signage for Information

Key Benefits:

  • Improved customer experience through targeted relevant promotions
  • Decrease expenses on print advertisements, operations
  • Additional revenue from advertisements/campaigns by Partner brands
  • Brand impressions and recall through effective communication
  • Better Customer engagement sales conversions

Key Features:

  • Any form of content including images, video, slides, interactive content and web pages
  • Position multiple display items on the same screen
  • Instant content updates remotely from the web
  • Easy setup for multiple screens

Network Dashboard

Centrally managed unlimited multimedia, screens, users, and group

Multiple Zone

Display multiple items on the screen including videos, images, HTML5 widgets, streams, etc


Low-cost Android device to display thousands of screens

Screen Management

Centrally managed unlimited multimedia, screens, users, and group

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