Why need a mobile app?

Mankind took 2 million years to evolve from apes while the mobile phone advanced to the smartphone within a span of just twenty years and is still getting updated and better. Technology is evolving at a faster pace than mankind can Imagine. Do you know that almost 2.7 billion people currently own a smartphone which is 35% of the world population? The numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds every day. Every person whether young or old considers this handheld device their lifeline. People would rather leave their loved ones than part with their beloved Apple. An average person spends around four hours on a mobile phone every day. This is around one-sixth of the day.
With an audience of around 3 billion who spend most of the time online, you could imagine the level of exposure your business could get if you have a mobile app. Right now only a few businesses in the world have their own mobile application and that is the reason why you know only those few as they have crowded out the ones who don't have a mobile app. An average person worldwide sees around 5000 ads per day but only one thing makes the difference-Level of exposure which means how frequently your brand is visible to your target audience, apart from the quality of your service.

Mobile App and it's Importance and Uses

That is why big players in the market are spending millions of bucks on the digitization of their business. According to researchers, India tops the world at the amount of data usage per smartphone which is at 10 GB a month on an average. It is all due to the Digital Revolution in 2016 brought by Jio which has changed the game in India. Internet data has become like water in this country where it was once available to the privileged few.

Winners are not different people, but they do things differently, that is why they win the race.

If you want to scale your brand and give it a competitive edge over your competitors, then VirtuBox is the right option for your business needs. Having a mobile application whether IOS or Android allows you to have a wider exposure to the target audience. The market has moved from malls and plazas to the smartphone in your hand. Mobile apps are the new pamphlets and catalogs. You are not only saving trees but also cutting down on cost and expanding your market outreach. We will help you to not only develop your app but also make an application that stands out from other apps with much ease. VirtuBox would help place you ahead in the market as our mobile development services are:

  • Having a central repository which could be updated anytime and anywhere
  • Keeps your data safe as the backup is stored in the cloud
  • High level of security
  • Wider brand coverage and unique identity to your company
  • Changes made centrally could be updated with a click
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient
  • VirtuBox is an expert in its field
  • Compatibility of the app with different platform
  • Images, text, videos, etc could be uploaded
  • Support system available

Hence, to sum up, Everything is possible with VirtuBox's Mobile App Solution.

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