VirtuApp - Mobile app builder for catalog

VirtuApp is a mobile application builder, developed after vigorous research on the basic needs of a company to increase their publicity and market penetration, it a platform of Digital Catalog where you can list multiple numbers of products, accessories, parts, services or any item which can be categorized and it can be used for marketing, educational purpose or as a guide by providing regular updates and notifications.
Users can search for relevant services/products on the app market place and install your company app. By doing so a user situated at any place in the world can search a product in your catalog by its name, description, specification or even a single related word in multiple languages. This application also helps in Search Engine Optimization to showcase your brand-name in top search results on Google, Bing or any search engine.
Our motive is to introduce your company and products to the people of different languages or geographical locations and to save paper (Brochure/ paper catalog) for a green and better future.
Engage and generate a lead for your business.
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Exhibition Kiosk

Demo of touch screen kiosk used for an Exhibition. Exhibitions are having lot of digital contents/ Information (such as exhibitors, Services, seminars, directories, facilities, Announcements, etc.). With digitalization using cloud technology on a single platform, all the information/contents will become more accessible to visitors, guests, customers, internal team etc to make overall processes efficient and create innovative solutions that can drive business and engagement.
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Interactive touch screen - digital directory for Exhibition

Interactive digital directory showcase complete exhibitor details, their profile, contact details, videos etc along with local Navigation.
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