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For any business, customer behavior is fundamental to the strategy it pursues. Retail analytics combined with factual insights into customer behavior help businesses to create a strategy and make key decisions. VirtuVision helps to get high definition insights into your customers mind.

VirtuVision works on industry-standard facial recognition technology. VirtuVison can be deployed at strategic locations where the footfall is high, such as main entrances, sub-section entrances, corridors, aisles, point of sales locations, etc. to analyze visitor data.

This can further be integrated with interactive and engaging digital displays or touch screen to publish content to enhance the whole retail experience. The content could be related to product promotions, new product campaigns, special offers, loyalty programs, upcoming sales discounts, digital catalogs, self-checkout portals, etc. VirtuVision algorithms have been developed to deliver the following core functionalities based on extensive on-site testing, industry best practices & client feedback.

User Analytics Solution

Measure customer footfalls

Gain insights into peak traffic hours of the day, days of the week and so on

Get gender and age-based demographics of your in-store footfall

Trigger dynamic content or contextual ads on your VirtuKiosk or VirtuDisplay interactive displays based on customer demographics

Measure dwell times at any specific prop or location of your store

Get a unique and repeat visitor count of your premises, zone metrics & heatmap

Measure customer reaction to specific store locations or props - happy, sad, indifferent and so on

Get conversion rates of passersby vs store visitors

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