Augmented Reality to Visualise your Imagination

Augmented reality is a mode where the objects or features of the real-world are used and enhanced by the computer to provide the user with a visually enhanced experience. It adds digital elements to the live world. This is becoming one of the most sort after technologies by the Millenials. It can be accessed by using a simple smart phone.

VirtuAR redefines the future of retail by adding Augmented reality solutions for the user to try on their faces or in real space while they are browsing the catalog. Our Augmented reality module on a mobile app or large format kiosks allow the users a multidimensional view of product & allows potential customers to visualize and experience the products before buying it. Moreover, it enhances the shopping experience and customer support with a 3D realistic experience in real-time, simulation and visualization for individual customers.

AR app Builder

Industry Solution for Jewellery/Eyewear/Cosmetics/ Clothes etc:

  • It offers the user the opportunity to try on jewelery/Glasses/Shades on their faces with a few finger taps.
  • Easy steps enable to see & explore virtually the whole range of options.
  • Easy guide to discover the next recommendation.

Industry Solution for Household Electronics products:

  • Offers user to visualize 3D view of the product.
  • Users can view products at the place of installation, thus giving an actual feel of the product in the environment.

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