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The new age travelers look for stress-free and unproblematic experience. Be it for just exploring, adventure, unwinding or medical tourism, the tourists look for an uncomplicated and seamless digital experience. VirtuBox solution provides with the best planning, booking, and execution tool.

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Bored of the usual 9 to 5 five days a week? You just need a break. A good two or three days to calm your mind which means a getaway to the pink city of Jaipur or the mountains of Shimla or if you love partying you roll in Goa. If you have deep pockets you treat yourself with a trip to the islands of the Maldives or a Europe tour. Traveling to your dream destination was never so easy. It is just a few clicks or taps away from the comfort of your bed or couch through your laptop or smartphone. The only work you would have is to pack your stuff and enjoy your much-deserved break. The same work during the 90s would have taken 90 minutes of calling and haggling with multiple hotel owners, agents, and cabbies. Nowadays it takes hardly five minutes which gives you more time to think of your vacation plan.

The travel and tourism industry is not at all immune to the digital transformation phenomenon. The travel industry has realized the need to change and it is doing so at a very fast pace. Not only are more people traveling than ever before, but they’re doing so in very different ways -- with different expectations, too.

The travel industry is moving forward, past innovations like self-booking technology and seamless desktop-to-mobile interaction, and towards game-changing technology like location, awareness to even futuristic solutions that anticipate and react to customers in real-time!

We at VirtuBox have simplified the whole process for you. The competitive edge to your hotel or tourist site can be determined by the level of convenience you provide to the guests/ visitors. By updating on the VirtuBox dashboard, your kiosk, app, and the website would have the required information. It would be time-saving as from a single place you could control your entire operations. Since your customer would be having your app and your website at his perusal he would be having both options at convenience.

The services we could provide to your business would provide more than what the customer asks for as we would be cataloging the various services we provide at a single place to access from. Some of them are:

DXP For Travel and Tourism Domain

How can we help?

Way finder

Feeling lost or you want to have a good look at the sculpture again? Don’t worry we would provide a walking route to every attraction from your current position. Not near to a kiosk, even that’s not a problem! Open the app and find a convenient route to your place of interest.

Provide Information about the place

Stories, myths, and legends are what give feel to a place. We would communicate everything about that place on our kiosk and make the place familiar like it's your own neighborhood. The other information of interest could be

  • Virtual Exploration of the site
  • Tourist guides- their timing, their expertise, fee, etc
  • Detailed and interesting facts/ information about monuments
  • Safety tips, rules, and regulation, FAQs
  • Services like a food court, parking, etc
  • Emergency Contacts,etc
  • Availability of housekeeping staff

Lost and found

To report lost or found the user can type into the platform what is missing or found and it will let you know (depending on interface) what steps to take in order to promptly retrieve/submit it. This system is a huge benefit for the traveler and can be a lifesaver depending upon the value and necessity of the misplaced item.

Local Directory

A small directory for connectivity with the local experts i.e. tour guides, travel agencies, Cab Service Providers, etc. for ease of traveling will be very useful for the visitors and patients. We would also provide information on the local marketplace and hotels. Also in case of unforeseen emergencies, information about the local hospitals, clinics police station, etc, can be provided.

Feedback system

It is a great way to incorporate customer surveys and get real public feedback about the facility and identify needs as compared to standalone feedback kiosks. There is no greater fun than Having satisfied customers and jealous rivals.

The Takeaway you must take

Investing in digitalization in order to adjust to and evolve with these changes can mean the difference between stagnation and success. With the expertise of providing digital excellence and convenience to various satisfied customers, VirtuBox has come a long way since its inception. It is your best friend when it comes to providing the best for your customers across all platforms and catering to each and everyone depending on the requirement. A one-time investment in VirtuBox Digitization services could mean a lifetime of success for aspiring and established Hotel businesses or Tourist sites and Monuments.

It's your turn to shine! Let's do it together.

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