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Malls being the ultimate destination for the technology savvy millennials can be the best use case of VirtuBox solutions. Malls proffer an overall package of entertainment, activities, and shopping, etc. VirtuBox solutions enhance the user experience through an amazing digital experience platform.

Salient Features:



Enquiry and feedback

Local directory

Ads and Promotion

News and Information

Call to action

Security message

Analytics and reports


Lost and found

Food court menu

Events, Movies, etc-update

Malls are not just a building of bricks and mortar where we can buy stuff. Since the upsurge of online retail, People don’t go to the malls just for retail therapy. Malls have become a place for rendezvous for people who want to get away from their mundane routine and hang out with family and friends. It's the new age destination for recreation. People go to the malls to destress, rejuvenate and unwind themselves from daily stress. Malls have everything for everyone, be it a 3-year-old kid, a 13-year-old teenager or a 30-year-old housewife. Or a 60-year-old senior citizen. It's bubbling with the energy of recreational activities. The malls receive immense footfall during weekends. This is particularly high during festive seasons or vacations. It’s the best time to cash on this opportunity. Various events and promotional activities can be organized. Malls have amusement parks, fun rides, gaming zones, lounges, food courts, etc. Apart from recreational activities, there are facilities like restrooms, baby feeding rooms, lounges, helpdesk, housekeeping, etc. But having all these facilities make it cumbersome for the visitors to navigate through the mall.

At VirtuBox we strive for making the whole outing smooth sailing. We provide a one-stop solution to all the technological requirements of such a large establishment. With digitalization using cloud technology on a single platform, all the information/content becomes more accessible to all the mall-goers. VirtuBox mobile app builder and kiosk provides a friendly user interface.

Shopping Mall Directory for Information and Pathfinder

How can we help?

Way-finder & Navigation

Malls can be difficult to navigate & often Visitors may have limited time for shopping. By implementing the Digital Experience Platform, users can be presented with a fully interactive overview of the entire mall with a clear indication of "you are here." This interface can allow the user to choose what they are looking for, whether it is any shopping wish list, restrooms, food, gifts, events, activity zones, etc. The platform can then display the quickest route to that service. Mall navigation is made easy.

“Call to Action” - help

For old aged visitors, it is always difficult to navigate. They look for a wheelchair and help. With the “Call to Action” button in the Digital Experience Platform, the Visitor may inform and call the porter at the platform location. A wheelchair/ stretcher can also be called for using this button.

Events, Movies, etc-update

Most of the time user comes to the mall to spend time and enjoy with their family along with shopping. Providing upcoming movies, events could be the best way to promote and get a loyal visitor. Promotional events, celebrity visits.


Communicating all the information which Shopping Mall wants users to know through physical or non-interactive digital kiosk is not easy.
By implementing the Digital Experience Platform, the mall can present all up-to-date information without technical hassle through CMS to users. Such information could be –

  • Virtual Exploration of mall premises
  • Detailed and interesting facts/ information about Mall facilities
  • All retail store, food court, etc info
  • Entertainment, upcoming events, movies update, etc
  • Safety tips, FAQ, Mall rules and regulations
  • Emergency Contacts, etc.

Lost and Found

To report lost or found the user can type into the platform what is missing or found and it will let you know (depending on interface) what steps to take in order to promptly retrieve/submit it. This system is a huge benefit for the user and can be a lifesaver depending upon the value and necessity of the misplaced item.

Nearby place info

Mall has many visitors coming from outside and they have no knowledge of the area. Digital Experience Platform can be placed right there as it provides information about local accommodations, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. This is a great way for the city to advertise upcoming shows, concerts, sports events, etc. By giving a visitor all the opportunity to get a taste of the city's best, they are more likely to come back. This improves the visitor experience while increasing local tourism.

Local Experts Directory

A small directory for connectivity with the local experts i.e. tour guides, travel agencies, Cab Service Providers, etc. for ease of traveling will be very useful for travelers and can also help to generate revenue.


Users tend to engage with the platform for exploration and to use various services/information over there. Customer satisfaction surveys can be easily carried out through the platform. Therefore, this is also a great way to incorporate customer surveys and get real public feedback about the facility and identify needs as compared to standalone feedback kiosks. Having satisfied customers is arguably the best ROI you could ask for.

Security warnings

Security is the top priority for mall Management. One way to improve security in the mall is to enhance every means of mass communication to a visitor to aid in urgent situations, and the Digital Experience Platform is a very effective tool for doing just that.

Analytics & Report

We capture all user clicks and provide detailed analytics of app and kiosks for organizers to take decisions.

Ads and promotion

The average person is using touchscreen technology more and more each year, and we are trained as a society to pay attention to something when presented on a screen. As a result, Digital Experience Platforms are an ideal vehicle for advertisers to effectively get a message out to the public and generate revenue as users tend to engage with a platform for exploration and to use various services/information over there.

We can use the platform for the following ways for advertisement and promotions:

  • For listing all the stores present inside the premise, their information, and navigation to that store
  • For ongoing offers and promotions
  • For reigniting holiday mood while urging for retail shopping (e.g. travel shop checklist for destination)
  • Personalized Ad and services based on demographics by attaching a small camera using face recognition technology

We can implement the ads in the form of smaller ads or reminders that accompany other select content or as large visual splash screens and screen savers in the form of images or videos when it is not being used.

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