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The technologically advanced customers have boosted the retail sector. To cater to the needs of these technologically superior patrons, VirtuBox has come up with their cutting edge technology.

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The retail industry worldwide is worth 25 trillion US dollars currently. Consumer awareness and advancement in technology have helped the retail industry grow phenomenally, apart from an increase in purchasing power and brand awareness. While it’s easy to see the benefits that easy-to-use and innovative technology provide consumers and online retailers, the majority of consumers still crave the in-store experience that allows them to pick up and see what they’re planning to buy, first-hand. Only 10 percent of the population shops online at E-commerce stores while 90% of consumers shop at traditional Brick and Mortar shops as shopping is more than buying and selling goods. It is an experience of an outing and an occasion to pamper ourselves.

Branding and Retail Promotion

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Entry of kiosks

In an era where the shoppers make decisions using a wealth of available information and customers expect more from their shopping experiences, kiosks provide the perfect complementary service within brick-and-mortar environments.

Why Kiosks are ruling the Retail industry?

Initially E-commerce sites during the dot com boom were considered as the end of brick and mortar stores. But due to the advancement of technology, kiosks are now bridging the gap between brick and mortar and e-commerce stores, in particular. In fact, a study into this emerging trend found globally the interactive kiosk market is growing at 12 percent annually. Brick and Mortar shops are offering consumers the best of both worlds—the technology that makes shopping easier and the experience they desire.


The most prominent form of retail kiosk solutions, self-checkout kiosks, has been expediting the grocery shopping checkout process since the late 1990s. When shopping in-store, consumers are able to browse the aisles at their leisure and utilize the self-checkout kiosk to quickly check-out once they’ve gathered everything they need. Designed to accept a variety of different payment options—cash, credit, and debit cards—self-checkout kiosks allow shoppers to quickly scan, pay for, and bag their items without having to wait in long lines.

Endless Aisle

Traditionally, one key competitive advantage that online retailers hold over brick and mortar stores is an endless amount of space to display inventory. While brick and mortar retailers are confined to space within the four walls that make up their store, online retailers can display as many different offerings as they want. Designed to enhance a brick and mortar retailer’s in-store offerings, endless aisle kiosks help to alleviate this imbalance. Shoppers can browse a retailer’s physical inventory while shopping in-store, but also use the endless aisle kiosk to explore additional colors, styles, sizes, and more on the retailer’s website.

Efficient with Inventory

If Consumers find something they like, shoppers can also use the endless aisle kiosk to select, pay for, and enter a shipping destination for their order. By enabling shoppers to browse and purchase additional options online, retailers are able to maintain lower inventory quantities and more in-store product variety.

Digital Signage

Just as retailers use videos, images, and other engaging content to draw shoppers to their e-commerce platforms, digital signage enables them to do the same for their brick and mortar stores. Able to be strategically placed throughout the store or in a window display, digital signage can be either static or interactive, depending on the needs of the retailer. From a “how-to” video to a product demonstration, a brand story, or additional product information, digital signage can enhance a shopper’s in-store experience. Retailers can also use digital signage as an advertising platform—drawing shoppers in, highlighting complementary products, and creating continuity between the retailer’s in-store and online presence.

Enter The VirtuKiosk

Since kiosk is an upcoming trend so it is obvious that it comes with a heavy upfront cost along with high maintenance and power needs. The kiosks available in the market are usually generic and takes time to update and get running which usually consumes time, and in business time is money. The time invested in maintaining kiosks could be spent elsewhere in a better way. Other kiosks usually come with lesser features and a lack of compatibility. Kiosk-sellers and distributors are often not very flexible with the business needs and insist on selling what the customer needs. Below are some of the usage benefits are described below:

  • From exhibitions, events, airports, hospitals, malls to retail stores, VirtuKiosk is your versatile partner as a solution for application
  • Showcase your existing content - Be it images, marketing copy, maps or videos, VirtuKiosk supports all commonly used media formats such as jpegs, Mpeg, and of course text!
  • VirtuKiosk offers flexible options for everyone so it doesn’t matter if ur business is big or small as rent options are on a daily, weekly, monthly basis as per the requirement.
  • Make all of your content available even when there is no internet access to the kiosk. Your content stays updated by auto rapid background sync whenever internet connectivity becomes available

Enhancement of experience

VirtuKiosk, unlike other kiosks, is a smart kiosk. While other kiosks understand the code, VirtuKiosk understands the customer’s mind. It can be testified by the significant success by the businesses which use VirtuKiosk. Feel free to browse the points which make VirtuKiosks a must-have for your business.

Strategic Advantage

For the customer of the tech-savvy millennial species, a strategically placed interactive VirtuKiosk offers the opportunity to seek further information, browse the latest catalog in-store, check stock at other sites, and more.
Connecting to the store’s inventory, the kiosks could quickly answer sales associate or customer questions about available sizes and alternate colors, as well as providing reviews and ratings by other customers. Also, it does what manual workers cant quickly and efficiently.

Increasing spend

According to our analysis, self-service increases consumer spend, orders on the digital app were 20 percent pricier than those taken by human cashiers, largely because people select additional products as visuals create a good impact. Consumers often fear being misunderstood or appearing unsophisticated in front of the clerks. Therefore Changing to self-service has removed the social friction, Aside from customer loyalty, these kiosks also offer the perfect tool to establish gift registries with customers having direct access to the physical products, catalog, and sales associates in one convenient place.


Our kiosks keep a detailed record of what’s happening now and then and this can be a source of useful business insights for the retailer as it would enhance decision making. For the retailer, all this logging in, seeking out and looking up provides a wealth of information about who’s shopping in their store, when and what exactly they’re seeking. This, in turn, feeds into the shopping experience, allowing retailers to schedule staff accordingly, cross-promote products, ensure necessary stock is at hand and further hone the customer experience


Arguably the greatest benefit of the interactive kiosks is its small price tag. Our Kiosks don’t require meal breaks, free up staff for more complex tasks and are increasingly simple to install. They offer access to a wide catalogue of products even when a store cannot in its physical location, making them a prime candidate for cheaply testing the waters of retail expansion. Where once kiosks were specialized items, now all that required is a tablet, stand and associated software in the form of a specialized app or honed generic software. Courtesy of secure stands they can be installed on desktops, walls or as free-standing welcome points with minimal effort and maximum appeal.

The final word

In an age where the consumer is primed to make purchases using a wealth of information available and customers expect more from their actual shopping experience, kiosks are providing the perfect complementary service within brick-and-mortar environments.
They’re the ideal salesperson who can answer any question tirelessly, serve whatever the customers want and recognize trends as they come into the picture.

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