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Growth in business, retail, social welfare facilities has led to a boom in the real estate sector. VirtuBox digital experience platform has supported the sector in being more organized, informative and customer friendly.

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Real estate has assumed significance with the progression of the economy and development. The ensuing increment in business openings and relocation of the work power has, thusly, expanded the interest for business and lodging space, particularly rental lodging. Advancements in the Real Estate are being impacted by the devel­opments in the retail, hospitality, and entertainment [e.g., hotels, resorts) businesses, financial administrations (e.g., emergency clinics, schools) and data innovation (IT)- empowered administrations and so forth and the other way around.

An immediate business need is to showcase their real estate projects information into various events, Project sites and with various brokers. Providing touchscreen-based kiosks with a digital directly is an easy and smooth solution and directly enhances the Sales & Marketing functions of the business unit. It is highly advisable to create an interactive solution on Android and iOS platforms to manage information sharing as well as enhance the branding.

Real Estate App

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Free APP

Users can search and download the free app from iOS or Android stores with business names.

Way-finding & Navigation

Real Estate can be difficult to navigate & often times buyers may be stuck in huge infrastructure and they don’t have an idea where to go and whom to meet. By implementing the Digital Experience Platform, buyers can be presented with a fully interactive overview of the entire Real estate with a clear indication of "you are here." This interface can allow the user to choose what they are looking for, whether it is restrooms, elevators or anything else. The platform can then display the quickest route to that service.

Offline Viewing

App users can sync and keep the business catalog for offline viewing. Users can also select and download the whole catalog or a particular category for High-Quality images. By default, it only shows low-resolution images. Product information gets updated by auto sync whenever our backend team updates any data. people using the app can access limited WiFi or data connectivity. If so, making your app which increases your user acquisition and retention rates.

Search information

Users can search for any relevant keyword. If Keywords exist anywhere in the catalog, that particular product or category will be shown to the user.

Message & Enquiry

We will send messages to the user, from time to time for any new update on the product, new release or promotion. Please allow from your setting to receive a notification. As a user, you can also send us any kind of query related to our product/location. Our backend team will try answering them as soon as possible.

Product details

As a user, you can view product details in an organized way. You can also check our multiple product images, click on the image and see the zoomed view for better viewing for site visits.


You can view location and click on the address to find a way through google map. Users can also connect them directly.

Manage catalog and setting

You can update your profile and see space etc from these pages. It provides benefits from the constant evolution of this system through regular technical and functional updates released throughout the subscription period.

Order Management

Users can place orders to businesses. This is without payment gateway integration functionality. This feature is optional for a business that wants to have order feature.

Offline Video

Admin can add videos of any kind (marketing, User guide, etc) to mobile app and users can download and view a video offline.

External Link

You can attach links from your website to another website to provide additional information for readers, or they may be links from your website to an affiliate program to any product/page for the user such as user manual, e-commerce site, product web link, etc.

Branded QR Code

A company logo branded QR code will be generated by the VirtuBox backend app which can be used in any print or online promotions to promote the download of your app.

Feedback system

It is a great way to incorporate customer surveys and get real public feedback about the facility and identify needs as compared to standalone feedback kiosks. There is no greater fun than Having satisfied customers and jealous rivals.

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