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The education sector is changing rapidly with several private players entering the field and it is poised for growth. Educationists are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand. Sprawling campuses are coming up all around. VirtuBox presents with a unique digital solution to all the stakeholders.

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Local directory

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Analytics and reports


Lost and found

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The education industry is very dynamic. With a constant emphasis on improving quality in Education, it becomes imperative to adopt the changes continuously, without hampering originality Nowadays Universities/colleges/schools have lots of digital content/ Information (such as faculty, departments, infrastructure, Services, directories, facilities, Notices, Announcements, etc.). With digitalization using cloud technology on a single platform, all the information/content becomes more accessible to the students, their parents, visitors, guests, vendors, internal teams, etc to make overall processes efficient and create innovative solutions that can drive day to day operation and engagement.

In essence, we need to deliver a complete digital experience to all stakeholders. So forget about admission processes, various clubs information, notices, premises information & other important details, our VirtuBox Solution can address all these in one go.

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Way-finding and Navigation

Campuses are spread in acres and can be difficult to navigate & many times visitors may find difficult to locate place what they are looking for. By implementing the Digital Experience Platform, users can be presented with a fully interactive overview of the entire campus with a clear indication of "you are here." This interface can allow the user to choose what they are looking for, whether it is faculty, department building, lab, food court or anything else. The platform can then display the quickest route to that service.

Feedback System

People tend to engage with a platform for exploration and to use various services/information over there. Therefore, this is also a great way to incorporate surveys and get real student/teacher feedback about the facility and identify needs as compared to standalone feedback kiosks. Having satisfied customers is arguably the best ROI you could ask for.


Communicating all the information which University wants users to know through physical or non- interactive digital kiosk is not easy. By implementing the Digital Experience Platform, Campus can present all up-to-date information without technical hassle through CMS to users. Such information could be –

  • Virtual Exploration of Campus
  • Detailed and interesting facts/ information about the department, faculty, courses, etc
  • Safety tips, FAQ, Rules, and regulations, etc
  • Student clubs, activities, news, events
  • Emergency Contacts, etc.

Lost and Found

To report lost or found a person can type into the platform what is missing or found and it will let you know (depending on interface) what steps to take in order to promptly retrieve/submit it. This system is a huge benefit for the users and can be a lifesaver depending upon the value and necessity of the misplaced item.

Nearby place info

Many parents or visitors coming for the first time to campus, they have no or little knowledge of the area. Digital Experience Platform can be placed right in the pickup/transportation zone that provides information about local accommodations, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. This is a great way to provide a visitor all the opportunity to get a taste of the city's best, they are more likely to come back. This improves the visitor experience while increasing local tourism.

Analytics and Reports

All user clicks are captured and detailed analytics of app and kiosks are provided to the decision-makers to make decisions. This includes data like - most viewed page, category, most favorite item, most view videos, Most searched keyword, most traveled path, app download demographics, Push Notification Analytics, etc.

Flash Ads and News

An average person is using touchscreen technology more and more with each year passing by, and we are trained as a society to pay attention to something when presented on a screen. As a result, Digital Experience Platforms are an ideal vehicle for advertisers to effectively get a message out to the public. In the education sector, we can use the platform for the following ways:

  • For listing all the notices pertaining to the college/universities/school.
  • For ongoing/upcoming sessions
  • Putting a premise video/images giving more visibility to the users

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