Compacta-Wall Mounted Kiosk

For companies looking for optimization of the retail floor space, there is nothing better than a wall-mounted kiosk. It takes up a lesser amount of space than a vertical or a horizontal stand-alone kiosk but gives you the same kind of results when it comes to marketing and related services.
Wall-mounted kiosks can be used in many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and education. Wall-mounted kiosks can be used for running banner advertisements, self-service ticketing, indoor navigation in offices, malls and campuses and customer service interactions.
VirtuBox presents interactive touch-screen, wall-mounted kiosks that combine the latest in technology with state-of-the-art design. Get in touch with our team to customize your very own wall-mounted kiosk and give your business the boost of digital technology.

Wall-mounted kiosks explained

A wall-mounted kiosk is a compact digital kiosk that can be mounted on a wall, rather than installing it in a stand-alone manner. Of all the kiosks available in the market, wall-mounted kiosks take the least amount of space, making it the perfect tool for digital signage and self-service transactions for small and medium retail stores and big enterprises who want to optimize their space utilization. In addition to saving space, our wall-mounted kiosks provide an extra blanket of security as it is attached to a wall and cannot be easily dismantled by vandals and anti-social elements.

Features of a wall-mounted kiosk

Display: Our wall-mounted kiosk enclosures come with a high-resolution, bright display with a highly sensitive, interactive touch screen, which ensures a superior customer experience. The brightness and perfect aspect ratio of our display screens help you run the banner ads while the 10 point IR-touch screen enables your fingers to effortlessly glide over the screen.

Build: Compact and sturdy, our wall-mounted kiosks can easily be fastened against any surface, thereby ensuring maximum security and optimal space utilization. Our wall-mounted kiosks can fit in any corner so that you don’t waste retail space.

Software and analytics: All our kiosks are run by Android software. Additionally, we provide relevant kiosk analytics, enabling companies to understand the response of the customers, their consumer preferences as well as the overall demographics of the customers so that companies may take the necessary action for revenue enhancement and profit maximization.

Security: Both hardware and software security is important when it comes to kiosks. Our highly advanced kiosk application software provides you with peace of mind against potential data theft. On the other hand, the sturdy hardware, especially the mount on which the device is loaded ensures that your kiosk has an iron grip over the wall to which it is attached.

Flexibility: Our kiosks can be put to a variety of uses. From self-service transactions to ticketing services, from information-sharing to customer service and indoor navigation, the list is endless. The peripheral devices make our fully integrated wall-mounted kiosk the one-stop solution for all your business needs. Further, our technical support team is always ready to help you with software support.

Optional features: In-built speakers, POS terminal, card swipe, branding plate, proximity sensor and printer are some of our value-added features that can easily be installed upon request.

Benefits of wall-mounted kiosks

Space-saving: Perhaps the greatest gift of our wall-mounted kiosk is the amount of space it can save. With increasing prices of commercial retail space, our wall-mounted kiosks are a blessing. Saving up on retail space means you get to save on the rent or use the saved space for display, which in turn leads to more profit.

Security: Since these kiosks are attached to a wall, they add an extra safety element than standalone vertical or horizontal kiosks.

Sturdy: Our wall-mounted kiosks are sturdy, sleek and smart. Made with high-quality steel, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Digital signage: Wall-mounted kiosks are great for running digital ads as well. They provide a direct, un-obstructive view of the running ads, thereby ensuring better visibility.

Applications of wall-mounted kiosks

Hospitals: A wall-mounted kiosk has a lot of applications in hospitals and the healthcare industry. The kiosk can provide patient check-in, information for patients, wayfinding within the hospital, hospital staff self-service and attendance and surveys of patients.

Retail: Our wall-mounted kiosk enclosures are no less than an innovation revolution in the field of retail, where space is worth more than gold. Such kiosks are also good for branding purposes. Install a wall-mounted kiosk and enable your customers to browse through your product catalog. This is perhaps the best way to publicize your products on a real-time basis.

Manufacturing: Wall-mounted kiosks help factories and manufacturing facilities to improve their efficiency while cutting costs. These kiosks can be put up at different locations within a manufacturing unit. They can help employees to complete HR-related tasks by themselves like attendance punch in and punch out. The kiosks can also give information regarding events, announcements, training schedules, etc. These kiosks help to improve the work culture while saving money, time and resources for the facility managers.

Ticketing: From issuance of air tickets to subway tickets, wall-mounted kiosks are probably the best kiosks, when it comes to ticket booking and taking print outs. Subway stations, bus stands and airports have rows of such kiosks, from where customers can easily book their choice of transport and even take a print-out of the ticket from the attached printer.

Indoor navigation: GPS systems and other navigational tools and devices do not work when it comes to indoor navigation. Wall-mounted kiosks are a great alternative. They can be easily put up on a wall at a mall or a busy public place or an educational institution and can help people in finding their way around.

Self-service: More than anything else, wall-mounted kiosks are best for self-service transactions, such as bill payments. From payments of mobile bills to payments of gas, electricity and other utility bills, wall-mounted kiosks are a cost-effective and space-saving option.

Information exchange: Dissemination of relevant information is perhaps the best customer service one can provide. Be it a detail of the product, wall-mounted kiosks help people to type in their queries and get quick responses.

Technical Specification:

Model Number VBE32W3 VBE43W3 VBE55W3
Touch screen Display
Display size 32 inch 43 inch 55 inch
Brightness (cd/m2) 350 nits 350 nits 350 nits
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9
Screen Type Full HD (1920x1080) Full HD (1920x1080) Full HD (1920x1080)
Colour Depth (Num of Colours) 16.7 Million 16.7 Million 16.7 Million
Touch Type 10 point IR Touch 10 point IR Touch 10 point IR Touch
Operation System Android 7.1 Android 7.1 Android 7.1
memory 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Storage 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB
Processor Make ARM ARM ARM
Processor Speed 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz
Processor Configuration Octa-Core Octa-Core Octa-Core
Electrical Specs
Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz
Operating Temp 0-40 degree 0-40 degree 0-40 degree
Operating Humidity 10% - 80% 10% - 80% 10% - 80%
Power Rating 120 W 120 W 120 W
Speaker in-Built in-Built in-Built
Warranty 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr
Type of enclosure Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel
Weight 40 Kg 50 Kg 60 kg
Overall Dimension (cmxcmxcm) 120x80x50

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