Case Study of a Shopping Mall

This chain of mall falls under a renowned group which undeniably one of India's finest shopping destinations, with state of the art infrastructure, technology and management. They are one-stop destinations for shopping, entertainment and food and amongst the first to be certified with ISO 9001-2008 (specialized for Quality Management System) and ISO 14001-2004 (specialized for Environment Management System) in Northern India.

Mall Directory and Wayfinder

Key Challenges

Way-finding & Navigation

The mall was facing difficulty to navigate & many times it happened that visitors had limited time for shopping for what they are looking.

Educate On the Go

Communicating all the information which Shopping Mall wants the users to know through physical or non-interactive digital kiosk wasn’t easy. They lacked the same.

Enquiry/ Feedback

Enquiry & feedback were handled manually because of which there was no track and hence no improvement on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Updates on Movies, brands etc

Apart from physical banners/hoardings, they didn’t have any reliable medium to give an update regarding movies, brands, etc, to the general public.

Ads & Promotion

Mall wanted to have a medium which can be best utilized for generating revenue by them. By selling the space or doing promotions of brands, they wanted to cash in.

Other Challenges

Information on Special needs

Mall did not have any medium to provide information on things like how and where a wheelchair or special stairs will be provided to the differently-abled, places like baby feeding room are not conveyed properly.

No provision of information on a single platform

Communicating all the information which a visitor/stakeholders who are in the mall, wants to know is not that easy through manual intervention or non-interactive kiosk. They wanted to have an all-in-one kind of interactive system to address the same.

Nearby Place Information/ Promoting Tourism

It is a problem faced especially by new visitors. They don't get information about nearby areas which could be a potential medium of tourism.

Analytics & Report

Not only an information medium but the mall also wanted a medium to check the performance of the tool so that it can help them to increase revenue and ROI.

VirtuBox Solution - Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk & Mobile App

  • A fully interactive overview of the entire mall with a clear indication of "you are here." This interface can allow the user to choose what they are looking for, the platform can then display the quickest route to that service.
  • Kiosk & Mobile App helps in virtual Exploration of mall premises, detailed and interesting facts/ information about Mall facilities, All retail store, food court etc info.
  • Entertainment, current events, movies update etc, Safety tips, FAQ, Mall rules and regulations, Emergency Contacts, etc.
  • The data collected in a survey, enquiry and feedback can be used in lead generation activities, hence enhancing branding/marketing of the mall.
  • All information can be gathered under a single umbrella. This way kiosks & App are highly effective in sharing information as it acts like a repository which can even work offline.
  • To get more visibility, digital space in the kiosk is an effective medium, which can be sold to the brands. By doing this, mall generates revenue and the whole proposition is way too less in costing part.
Mall Directory For Navigation and Information

Business Benefits

Smart Shopping Mall Kiosk
  • Saves effort and money spent on the information desk and other costs by 20%.
  • Helps in decision making on choosing appropriate lessee as per the footfall and demand.
  • Gain an edge by providing information On the Go.
  • Acts as an excellent medium of revenue generation for the enterprise, thus increasing ROI by 20-30%.
  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Information can be accessed anywhere and educate audiences.
  • Increased customer Loyalty.

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