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A form is a document or a page with spaces where data can be entered or written. A series of similar documents are used to fill in the information. A form when completed can be a statement, enquiry, survey, feedback, order or request. It’s an interactive page that allows the user to give their opinions, share their experience. Forms are used to simplify the task and to maintain uniformity. It helps in improving user experience, products, interface, service, sales, etc. VirtuQuery helps to quickly design, build and manage your own data collection on the mobile app or large format touch screen for :

  1. Customer/Employee Feedback
  2. Market Research surveys
  3. Event, Campaign & more
  4. Customer support, enquiry, etc
  5. Insurance claim forms

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Salient Features:

  • Build & publish your branded data collection app within days - no coding needed
  • Choose from 15 different question types - from radio buttons to multiple-choice questions to everything in between
  • Add images to your questions
  • No Internet? No problem - your apps will work 100% offline
  • Collect signatures, doodles or selfies & object images from phone camera
  • From simple forms to advanced, regulation-compliant multilingual surveys - scale your apps as your needs grow
  • No more survey fraud - all responses are geotagged & time stamped
  • Unlimited users, unlimited data for a low, fixed monthly fee