About Kent RO

What is the primary name that involves your mind once you search for water or air purifier? It’s undoubtedly, KENT RO Purifiers. A number one name within the water purifier industry, KENT RO Systems Ltd., was the highest in time in introducing the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis Technology in IndiaKent RO Systems is an Indian healthcare Products Company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It makes water purifiers supported the method of reverse osmosis purification.
In 2019, Kent RO Systems received the simplest domestic water purifier award at the Water Digest Water Awards organized at the Lalit, New Delhi.

The Business Challenges

  • Eureka Forbes was—and remains—the market leader. Today, Kent features a 30 percent market share within the RO space.
  • KENT needed to have some of its marketing strategies and solutions to be modified. It needed to have a broader view of its products and services to customers to grow its empire.
  • KENT has many innovative products to boast off and can get hold of the market which can help the business grow but only if the company is able to showcase its products to the customers.
  • The main bottleneck arises in the reachability, awareness or accessibility of the products to the customers.
  • The interactivity or the interaction, the usability and handling of the products also needed to be monitored and ameliorated as per the customer analysis.

The Solution

  • VirtuBox helped Kent in presenting products in a visually appealing manner, encouraging customers to consider more options and be presented with marketing which is specifically aimed at the product sale.
  • VirtuBox helped Kent to improvise and market their business by enhancing the in-house branding through small alterations such as a custom graphic panel displaying their products to customers through the kiosk and Mobile applications.
  • It even has established a Mobile application for Kent towards transitioning its healthcare products conventional methods to modernization.
  • The kiosk is positioned in high traffic areas such as Shopping Malls and Hospitals where potential customers can find answers to their questions with just a few taps of the finger.
  • These Interactive kiosks helped the customers zero in on the right product quickly and easily.
  • By utilizing kiosk and mobile application enclosures to collect feedback, real-time information is instantly available after the completion of the survey or questionnaire.

Business Benefits

  • These new marketing strategies of apps and kiosk has embellished brand loyalty by boosting the customer’s engagement with the brand. So either an e-catalog app or a kiosk is the right way to engage the customers in the business.
  • As a two-way interaction, interactive kiosks offer a more engaging way to connect with customers through edutainment or infotainment, such as interactive contests and quizzes.
  • If a customer is looking for a particular product, such as the right purifier, a quiz can be useful to help them narrow down the best choice according to their responses.
  • Even the data gathered through an interactive kiosk can provide Kent with market intelligence on the success of their promotions.
  • Touchscreens kiosks also stimulate customer’s curiosity meaning they will approach the screen simply to see what it does – combing this with advertising exposure and it’s a sure-fire way to increase sales.
  • Currently, the Kent Product Catalog Application has around 19000 Users login since the creation of the Mobile Application, with an installation track of 27000 on android and IOs Platforms.
  • The kiosks Placement at Apollo Hospital has also been beneficent for understanding and the target market and helpful in generating leads for the company, which further has helped in acquiring clients and increase the revenue for the organization.

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