About Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles was established in 1956 in Ludhiana where it started manufacturing cycle components to become one of the ‘Best Cycle Brand’ in India. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in India producing nearly 5.2 million cycles per annum. Starting from a small unit in Ludhiana it has emerged to create a huge global footprint across the world, the production unit in Ludhiana is fully equipped with an in-house R&D facility which complies with all the quality parameters required in producing bicycle components to meet global standards.

The Business Challenges

With the growing number of competitors in the market, it is very important for the companies to be one step ahead of their rivals. Some of the major challenges that were faced by Hero cycles are as follows:

  • Having a huge product line can help the business grow but only if the company is able to showcase its products to the customers. It is quite challenging for companies to make sure that their products are made accessible for the customers to view.
  • Data of each product that contains detailed specifications and prices of the products can be difficult to handle manually.
  • Spreading information to the public can be very challenging if one does not have the proper mode of communication to address a large crowd.
  • Details about the most viewed and most selling products can help the companies to know where they are strongly performing as well as the areas that have a scope of improvement.
  • Obtaining Feedbacks and reviews of customers are vital and could help the companies to create strategies for their business.

The Solution

VirtuBox provides all the necessary solutions that are required for a business to blossom and bloom. It provides customized solutions to all its clients depending on their product and needs. Some of the key parameters that were focused upon for Hero cycles are as follows:

  • A highly customized mobile app was created for the company which helped in showcasing the entire product line of Hero cycles containing detailed description about each product.
  • We also provided detailed information about which product is being viewed the most on the app by our advanced analytics solution.
  • Our applications are designed with ample disk space and it is capable to handle huge data without any lag and the user can swiftly access all the products with ease.
  • We also provide valuable user information to the company displaying the trend of active users on the app for different months.
  • A digital catalog for the product line has been created which makes it easier to have a quick glance

Business Benefits

  • We help our clients by saving their time and money to get rid of all the technical hassle involved in creating an app. VirtuBox has an elite team of developers who are highly skilled in developing and designing apps, Websites and Kiosk solutions.
  • No coding knowledge is required to use our UI it is easy to use with a proper guide explaining the steps, a fully customized App & Website can be made in a few hours by avoiding all the hassle.
  • It provides valuable market insights about the product of the companies and help them expand.
  • It helps you take your business completely Online and opens up doors of opportunities.
  • Kiosks act an eye-catcher in big areas and events as well which could lead to better promotions and catch the attention of potential target markets.
  • The lower cost involved in comparison to other offline modes ( newspapers, pamphlets)

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