About Elecrama

ELECRAMA is the flagship event hosted by Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association (IEEMA). IEEMA works on a large platform with R&D organizations, testing institutes, apex industry bodies, autonomous institutions, trade bodies, sectoral & regional associations, etc along with that they also work in collaboration with the government of India, its departments, users, research bodies, users and students as well.
Elecrama is one of the biggest events that are held in the country which features a variety of electrical equipment consisting of Sockets to heavy electrical equipment for industrial use which also encourages foreign participation. It also provides a platform for researchers, students, business tycoons to experience the change and new innovations that are being developed in the industry.
It has been organized multiple times across the country and has been honored by key dignitaries including foreign ambassadors, CEO of MNCs and Government officials of our country.

The Business Challenges

With huge events comes huge challenges, When organizing an event which has a footfall of more than 3,00,000 it becomes challenging for the hosts to cater to the needs of every exhibitor and visitor attending the event. Some of the key challenges that were faced during Elecrama are as follows:

  • Navigation- The entire event was hosted in a Gross area of 1,10,000 sq Metres which made it challenging for the exhibitors and the visitors to get accurate information about the location of the events that they were interested to attend.
  • A detailed description of the exhibitors was required so that the visitor is easily able to segment and make choices accordingly.
  • Spreading information to the public can be very challenging if one does not have the proper mode of communication to address a large crowd.
  • Details about the most viewed and most selling products can help the companies to know where they are strongly performing as well as the areas that have a scope of improvement.
  • Obtaining Feedbacks and reviews of customers are vital and could help the companies to create strategies for their business.
  • As it is an electrical equipment exhibition the standard of expectations about technology-oriented devices also increases as it involves visitors who are potential buyers and enthusiasts. Thus using modern electrical displaying devices would help in glorifying the theme of the event.

The Solution

VirtuBox provides all the necessary solutions that are required for a business to blossom and bloom. We provide customized solutions to all our clients depending on their product and needs irrespective of the size and demand of the business. We have a team of experts that would always stand by your side and help you out in planning and creating strategies to tackle the situation and help your business stand out from the crowd. We at VirtuBox consider all challenges as a window of opportunity and try to excel it.
Some of the key parameters that were focused upon during Elecrama are as follows:

  • We installed a total of 10 Kiosks to cater to the needs of the visitors during the event.
  • We also provided detailed information about the location and detailed description of each exhibitor participating in the event. We also provided Live tracking for the visitors which helped them know where they are currently located and which is the shortest path they should opt for in order to reach their desired destination without any hassle.
  • Our applications are designed with ample disk space and it is capable to handle huge data without any lag and the user can swiftly access all the required information with ease.
  • We also provided detailed information about each Kiosk using our advanced analytics methodology. Which consists of essential user activity information like which exhibitor was searched the most, which feature of the Kiosk is being used the most and much more. It helped the hosts to know about the visitor's issues and interests that helped them in creating awareness along with strategies.
  • The entire itinerary of the events and feedback forms could also be accessed using our Kiosks.
  • The Kiosks were also designed to display advertisements for the ongoing events when they are in ideal mode and not being used. Thus helping in promoting and branding of the event.

Business Benefits

  • We help our clients by saving their time and money to get rid of all the technical hassle involved in creating an app.
  • No need to pay and manage a technical team we got you covered. VirtuBox has an elite team of developers who are highly skilled in developing and designing apps, Websites and Kiosk solutions.
  • No coding knowledge is required to use our UI it is easy to use with a proper guide explaining the steps, a fully customized App & Website can be made in a few hours by avoiding all the hassle.
  • We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are veterans when it comes to handling events of any size, we provide business solutions to our clients about our products after carefully analyzing their needs and requirements.
  • We provide valuable market insights using our advanced analytics about user activity and help them expand.
  • We help you take your business completely Online and opens up doors of opportunities.
  • Kiosks act an eye-catcher in big areas and events as well which could lead to better promotions and catch the attention of potential target markets.
  • The cost involved is lower in comparison to other offline modes ( newspapers, pamphlets).

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