About DLF Promenade

DLF Promenade is one of the biggest products of DLF in which one or more buildings form a complex of shops with interconnecting walkways, usually indoors. There can be many types like the Neighbourhood center, Community mall, Regional center, Superregional center, Fashion/specialty, center Power center, Theme/festival center, Outlet center.
The Company is headed by Kushal Pal Singh.

The Business Challenges

  • One of the major challenges that are faced in DLF Malls is effectively promoting newer brands and products to the customers through proper channels, advertisements of any newly opened shop or instant offer on any particular brand, branding of products.
  • Another challenge faced at such big Malls is locating any particular shop. Finding the right shop and being navigated correctly is very important.
  • Gathering not only feedback of visitors but to know any special query or any instant order, taking a survey of what they feel can become a huge task.
  • Visitors required manual intervention in locating places like this, which becomes difficult when there is a surge (or peak time)

The Solution

  • Having an interactive touch screen Kiosk can really help people in big Shopping Malls like DLF. A kiosk can enable you to find the right shop at the right place on the right floor.
  • Customers can understand the advertisements of the brands instantly and the banners of the shop advertising
  • VirtuBox provides all these facilities through the interactive touch screen Kiosk where a person not only gives their feedback can also be educated about the future offerings of the brands during any festivals.

Business Benefits

  • VirtuBox’s interactive touch screen VirtuKiosk enabled all the visitors to take a look around the Mall using just their fingertips.
  • No Manual Intervention, as Touchscreen kiosks are self-explanatory. Thus it works like Digital Directory and reduces the cost of labor by 20-30%.
  • VirtuKiosk is used for hassle-free onboarding, feasible and very handy to locate whatever the customer wants and can search their likings.
  • It will help you to navigate to your favorite location. (It will tell you how to reach the place either through escalator or lift).It will always tell you the shortest distance to reach your destination.
  • VirtuBox can give a platform for creating, sharing and deploying interactive content without coding – it is as easy as building a slide on your mobile.
  • VirtuBox offers a series of digital solutions that can elucidate complex business design with simple digital solutions at your fingertips.
  • Wherever you are, VirtuBox can give you the presence of your brand felt through the digital platform effortlessly for any screen (Mobile app, website, and kiosk).
  • VirtuKiosk helps you to take customer feedback very easily and enables you to gather consolidated findings.
  • VirtuBox can give you the feasible and handy kiosk which can operate offline too and can give instantaneous updates.

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