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Moksh is inspired by the readers, Young kids who are eager to read new comics, elder people who are trying to cope with tehri menatl stress, some madly romantic people and etc. It a heaven of all book readers who in the era of ebooks still like the smell of freshly published books or Antique books. Moksh is playing a pivotal role in reiterating the might of the pen and the printed world and has come to be recognized as the biggest book bonanza keenly awaited by students, teachers, scholars, authors, intellectuals, librarians and book lovers.

moksh is organised by an NGO named arogya. It is based in Mumbai. The aim is to raise funds for the underprivledged students who are not able to attend schools or are not able to purchase books. The initiative was first taken by few advocates who wanted to help the underprivledged students who want to achieve something in their lives.

Sponsors are Book Stores, Book Clubs, Colleges.

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