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A creation of Duggal Brothers, established manufacturers of Travel Accessories based in New Delhi since 1968, Prowez offers you the latest and only the best in Travel accessories. In today's high flying times when travel has become a serious business and the traveler a well-informed entity demanding nothing but the best, Prowez is the perfect choice when it comes to organizing your client's travel.
Air Ticket Jackets, Passport Covers, Travel Bags, Baggage Tags, Placards, Caps, and Shoe Covers - You name it and we have it. Quality products in leather, artificial or otherwise, plastic etc. that can be customized according to your needs with exclusive designs to match only the best in the industry - Prowez has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to making travel a worthwhile experience.
Whether you belong to the travel industry in India or overseas, Prowez understands your business needs best. Customer satisfaction being our credo, we assure you of only the best value for your money. And in an industry where time is essence, we go by your clock offering you on-time delivery of quality products at lowest prices.
After allowing to our ongoing relationship with the travel industry we believe what we offer is not merely a travel product but a long-lasting companion for those who choose to travel with you.
Encourage your clients to experience the joy of traveling the Prowez way! For, with their travel essentials safely and stylishly tucked away in their Prowez pocket the only thing to do is sit back and enjoy the journey

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